[article] Jang Geun Suk: “I desperately want to partake in a new production”

“Asia Prince” is back.

​Jang Geun Suk put his meeting with fans as the top priority with an untact fan meeting event. The actor has finally relieved the “thirst” of fans who have waited for him through the online global fan meeting living up to his representative Hallyu star status.

At 3 pm (KST) June 28, Jang Geun Suk held “2020 JKS Online STAGE_夢 Dreams” on YouTube. His meeting with fans this time is more special than ever as this is his fan event after two years of his absence. At first, Jang Geun Suk planned a fan meeting where he could personally meet his fans, but he eventually had to hold it online following the social distancing guideline to prevent the spread of Covid-19 pandemic. Nevertheless, Jang Geun Suk met and interacted with more fans inside and outside Korea through the online fan meeting instead of an offline meeting with restricted space. He also set up a chat box to interact more closely with his fans and soothe their regret, thus gifting them a present that couldn’t be better.

Before his first official meeting with fans after the demobilization, Jang Geun Suk met the press online. With an even more youthful look although two years have passed, Jang Geun Suk expressed his thoughts with his characteristic witty manner.
– How do you feel about this concert?
– Right from 2019, I and the crew discussed new works and exclusive concerts, but in the end, I could not meet the fans because of Covid-19. It’s a pity that this concert was supposed to be held 6 months ago. In this concert, I want to bring the feeling like everyone is enjoying it together despite having no audiences. I also want to create stages making fans feel like I’m standing right in front of them even when they are watching at home.

– How do you feel after getting discharged? Do you have any change during the past time?
– There are many things. The biggest change is that I have become stronger and healthier. Since my debut, I was always snowed under with work. That was the reason why both my physical and mental health were not in good condition. But during my time in the army, I lived and followed the rules from 9 am to 6 pm. After a period of adhering to the rules like that, I found my soul relaxed, and both my body and mind get really better. One other thing is that compared to 2 years ago, I am now older (laugh).

– During his absence due to performing military service, which fans’ cheers and encouragement do you remember the most?
– During those 2 years, what always bothered me was the feeling of guilt towards the fans. The reason is that I have never taken a break at all during my artistic activities. I work both in Korea and Japan, but I didn’t even bother to update any posts on SNS accounts during those 2 years. I was wondering about whether or not to post an article on the fansite, but I didn’t post it eventually. Perhaps everyone feels like I have built a wall between me and the fans, but I actually did so during that period. Even so, I still read all the messages the fans sent.

– You must have missed the fans a lot. Is it regretful that you have to hold an untact concert?
– The sound and lighting system of the untact concert is very different from an actual concert. I also have to minimize the band’s performance. Perhaps an “online stage” would be more appropriate rather than a concert or a fan meeting. I want to make full use of the advantages of an online concert.
– This is a time when you show dynamic activities again, but the social situation is not very advantageous.
– I feel really regretful. Not only the entertainment field but the whole social system has been changed, maybe we have to adapt to it. I’ve tried to rack my brain, but I still wonder about what we can do.

– Do you have anything to say to the foreign fans? Do you have any plans for activities abroad?
– In the context that the whole world is fighting the pandemic, it is a pity that I can’t get closer to you. I am truly sorry. Currently, I am trying my best to not lose my spirit and find a way to meet everyone.

– Many hope that your next work will be a romantic one.
– I don’t think that I will incline to a specific genre. I really long for starring in a new film. I want to join a work that can tell its story, not a work that accentuates me. Now, just reading scripts is enough to make me happy. The fact that “I’m holding this stack of papers and reading it” itself is joyous, and this is how I quench the thirst for work in the past two years.

– You have recently left the company run by your mother.
– Initially, I felt like an amateur that just enters the world of business. Under the new “roof”, I want to act soon and make my first steps.

– While performing the alternative military service, is there any work or character you desire to be in and portray?
– I’m the kind of guy who watches TV series while doing aerobics. I watched “Extracurricular” and really liked its plot. Not to mention that the acting of the juniors really impressed me. Watching them, I told myself not to neglect and have to hone my skills. I also watched the film “Somewhere In Between”. Although it doesn’t have a big budget, when I watched Lee Dong Hwi in his character, I asked myself, “Do I only look for showy things?” I felt my heart vibrate when witnessing that simple, easy-going life.
– Are there any other nicknames you would like to be called apart from “Prince Asia”?
– I really like the “Asia Prince” nickname. Although I don’t feel much pressure, I think that I need to work hard to maintain the nickname the audience gives me.

– Entering the 29th year in the profession, what do you feel when you look back on the past?
– I often get questions like this when I’m stuck in the tunnel on the way to work. When I was asked, “How have you been?”, I often replied, “I don’t want to go back to being yesterday me.” I do not want to recall the regrets or glory of the past days. If I look back on the past, I just want to get rid of the glamor and tell myself “You have lived well”. I’ve lived very well in my own way. Although I was hurt by unhappy things, I shook off everything and stood up strongly.

– You have qualities of a Hallyu star more than an actor.
– Right. I have an entertainer aura. Now, I don’t want to try to balance my life anymore. Despite introducing myself as “actor Jang Geun Suk”, other people find me more like a Hallyu star. Indeed, I missed the opportunity to be seen as an actor. With a starting point at present, I think I need to know how to control my entertainer qualities. From now on, I want to focus on my role as an actor and find out how an actor really needs to prove himself. But in addition to that, I will not forget to interact with my fans.

– Do you desire to have a classic film?
– Taking stock of my filmography so far, it seems the Hallyu star image is also there in the films I was in. This is perhaps what I wanted. However, it’s not that there is only you in the work. Over the past period, I have never acted against what I want to try, but there are still things that I regret. Now, I want to immerse myself in the story instead of being the narrator of the story. I want to be an actor that can help viewers relate to the interesting stories the films offer.

Reporter Kim Jin Suk /superjs@joongang.co.kr
Photo = Provided by AG Corporation

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2 thoughts on “[article] Jang Geun Suk: “I desperately want to partake in a new production””

  1. Saluting the actor N his dream:

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f5NyFFKDWUw I’ts In Soon I, that sang DREAM WINGS with Sukkie (translated https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-MFNdv3Hfjw ).

    He’s gonna cause a blast again, I believe. Every time after a hiatus he rose like a phoenix from low situations N hardships, resulting in new peaks N conquests, according to whatever he set as a goal. This time the hiatus served him well N he feels healthier than ever, who knows what he’s capable of now? His old radio days were also a hiatus but he absorbed everything around him like a sponge, “stewed” on a small flame N then exploded in all directions N propelled himself right to the top. As an artist, he fused all what he accumulated, despite his role models engraved their features into him N his style at a very young age, he added his own spirit N interpretation, managed to create a very distinguished unique identity and came up with something that was not yet seen or done, as if he created a new genre, JKS genre.

    Now he’ll fuse all his experience with the conclusions from his usual self-reflecting, adding everything he observed for a long time N will do with acting the same thing he did as an entertainer, it just takes longer cos he can’t control productions like he controls every aspect of his stages N cos while he “just wanted to have fun” for a period of time as an actor came with a price, unlike the prize for doing the same as an entertainer. He did say repeatedly since his early 20’s that he’ll start a whole new chapter after he’s 30 N that everything was just a prep, he also gave a taste right b4 30, that was again a result of a hiatus, caused by a crisis.

    It’s amazing how much in common he has with his Nuna, from their background and that process of building oneself artistic identity, to many other things she talks abt here, b4 N after 13:12 where she says 1+1 does not always=2 but much more (both r hard working, dedicated, creative professionals, capable of creating a blast from scratch N Sukkie+BB=TEAM H is a superb example of this principle too): http://jangkeunsukforever.com/archives/34168

    Abt his wanting to control his entertainer aura, it’s hard to understand exactly what he meant. On stage it’s impossible – he’s either unleashed on stage or we all saw what happened when he tried to keep it “all neat N tidy” – his aura was even more present, same as past stages that were “modest”. But I think he meant something else, when he’s not on stage N that’s a whole other issue, a very complicated one. Anyway, his influence as an entertainer can’t be underestimated. He brings joy, happiness, comfort, a special drive, healing, soothing N as a Hallyu star can reach more ppl N serves as a positive role model in many ways. Let’s say that he played that role perfectly, along with proving he can achieve any goal he sets his mind to, as owning this kind of aura that affects ppl in a good way to follow, was exactly what he declared he was aiming at. 

    • Except for 2015 stages which is clear cos the concept was plain N natural, of course more parts over the years, this is what DREAMS 2020 stage reminded me (2010, Japan):
      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EIFZ-XSSmuw plane but powerful.

      BTW, on same channel came across an amazing PSH vid that just screams for combination with little Sukkie: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DyPShibE8b8 (2003 Official is longer). Never saw her acting as a child, only TV shows, NONSTOP 4 etc’. Talented cuteness overload, can easily imagine him there with her (Ting), also with a continuing story line (BV, BD, TAKE ME fragments, HIDAMARY vs her “My Dear” MV, even SWITCH’s shovel on him).


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