[Eng-subbed Trailer] ‘Somewhere in between’ JKS mentioned in ‘ARENA HOMME+’ July issue


English translation of the QA part in the interview: Zoe from ECI
Original source: ARENA HOMME+

Q: Don’t you feel nervous? Jang Keun Suk’s filmography has been temporarily closed already for 3 years.
A: It may take a longer time. As I said before, rashing and beeing greedy is not something I want to do. Recently I saw the movie “Something in between”, it was good. I just like it. While I was majoring in acting at the university and the postgraduate school there were stories and plots that has been used countless times. But, I was wondering why something was missing. I grow fond of works with a story that flows naturally even if it’s not special. In the end, be faithful to the basic, and the essence that never changes… “What if the time until my comeback be long”, is also on my mind. However, I don’t want to look away from what’s important and make the decision driven by the situation.

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