[News] Track lists of ‘Jang Keun Suk BEST Works 2011-2017‘ were announced

As we posted previously, Jang Keun Suk BEST Works 2011-2017 will be released on December 26th, 2018. And finally the each track list was announced. Especially for ~FAN SELECT~ album, you could vote. How was the result? My selection is going to release in ~JKS SELECT~. I’m happy that Suk chose my favorite. Anyways, all participants’ names are to be printed on the album booklet. Can’t wait to get them at hand 🙂

Original source: Jang Keun Suk Japan Official fab club website

*(yyyy) means the released year.
Jang Keun Suk BEST Works 2011-2017 ~JKS SELECT~
1. Voyage(2017)
2. Melody we made together(2011)
3. Save me(2013)
4. I want to hug you(2016)
5. Tomorrow(2012)
6. Like a Movie(2013)
7. Darling Darling(2016)
8. Endless Summer(2016)
9. For You ~The reason why I can keep hanging in there~(2017)
10. To where the sun shines(2015)
11. Parade(2017)
12. My wish(2016)

*(xxxx) means the original source.
Jang Keun Suk BEST Works 2011-2017 ~FAN SELECT~
1. Let me cry (1st SG ‘Let me cry’)
2. Take care, My Bus! (OST ‘Mary Stayed Out All Night’)
3. Rain (1st AL ’Just Crazy’)
4. Guardian star (1st AL ‘Just Crazy’)
5. Nature Boy (2nd AL ‘Nature Boy’)
6. Turn off (2nd AL ‘Nature Boy’)
7. Love Letter (2nd AL ‘Nature Boy’)
8. Angel’s castle (‘Re: -Picture Label LP Limited BOX-‘)
9. Hidamari [Sunshine] (3rd AL ‘monochrome’)
10. Sky and You (3rd AL ‘monochrome’)
11. Let’s go back sweet home (3rd AL ‘monochrome’)
12. How would you do if it were you (4th AL ‘Voyage’)

Let me cry
Crazy Crazy Crazy
Abracadabra -Edit ver.-
Nature Boy/Indian Summer
Nature Boy -Full ver.-
Indian Summer -Full ver.-
Turn Off -Live Edit ver.-
Darling Darling
Endless Summer
I want to hug you

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1 thought on “[News] Track lists of ‘Jang Keun Suk BEST Works 2011-2017‘ were announced”

  1. Thank you very much tenshi onni. I love his songs so much. Everytime i listen to his music I feel greatful and happy but sometimes I miss him literally, Because jks oppa has always been a good actor, singer and literally a good stage performance too that who has the best in everything and energetic man to us. When I go to school everyday I always do my job well in class. And when I got home I always listen to One of my favourite song “sunshine” because it gives me sunshine and joy everyday. And When I listen to it, his voice is literally beautiful that gives my best in school and also in my homework too. Have a happy afternoon to all wonderful eels and have a great day too❤️


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