[News] The Messages from the Cast Members of ‘SWITCH’

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‘SWITCH’ finished filming the last episode of the drama, and the cast members delivered a message.

On May 17, the filming of SBS’ drama ‘SWITCH’ officially ended.
Actor Jang Keun Suk, who had led the drama by playing two characters named ‘Sa Do-chan’ and ‘Paik Jun-su’, delivered a message.

He said, “In the early weeks of January when I confirmed to be in ‘SWITCH’, I cut my hair short and prepared suits that I was going to wear in the show.”
Jang Keun Suk continued, “It’s been almost six months since I’ve prepared the drama, and I can’t believe it’s the end.”
He added, “I was physically exhausted by playing two completely different roles, but it was a great opportunity for me to improve as an actor. I sincerely thank every one of the staff and participants of the drama.”
Jang Keun Suk wrapped up his comment, saying, “I wonder how I’m going to ‘switch’ as an actor in the future. Please keep an eye on me!”.

Jang Keun Suk also chose the scene in which Sa Do-chan reunites with his father within 20 years as the most impressive one.
He noted, “I struggled to express the mixed feeling of the character. Sa Do-chan hasn’t seen his father for around 20 years, and the agony and anger coming from seeing his dad was really challenging to express.”

Jang Keun Suk highlighted, “When I checked the scene, I was crying with my eyes and smiling with my mouth. I think I clearly delivered the feeling of the character to the viewers of our show.”

Han Ye Ri, the main actresses of ‘SWITCH’, also left a message.

She said, “I like the scene in which my character ‘Oh Ha-ra’ confronts the villain ‘Keum Tae-woong’. I got really nervous to film the scene because the actor in the role of Keum Tae-woong was a senior.”
Han Ye Ri continued, saying, “It was the scene that triggered the characters to solve the mystery of the brown bear. I still clearly remember the scene.”

The staff of ‘SWITCH’ said, “We’ve tried our best until the end to reach the viewers’ expectations. We sincerely thank the cast members, and please watch the last episode of ‘SWITCH’.”

With a round of applause, the filming of ‘SWITCH’ has ended, and the last episode is aired today.

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  1. JKS said: I wonder how I’m going to ‘switch’ as an actor in the future. Please keep an eye on me!”.
    I will keep 2 eyes…;)

    So, first, must be: Mens sana in corpore sano! And second: what can be more pleasant and simple than being honest, to be above all of you yourself, to be yourself faithful, always peaceful, reconciled with yourself, loyal to those who are loyal to you, having nothing to fear or what you invent?

    And then, “the guard” hit a “switch” and the “gate” swung open for you!


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