2 thoughts on “Thoughts on ‘Switch ~Change the world~’ Episode 27-28”

  1. Thanks sis for your recap..I really can’t wait to see who the doctor is that went into the room with BJS. Is he a good or a bad factor…will BJS be saved? I hope so for he is so passionate in his work. Who will get the girl in the end?
    Grizzly is going down no doubt, very curious to find out what role Kim will play. He has been “mistreated” so badly by Grizzly, just like Pangpangwo his son..will they both help each other to take revenge on Grizzly who claimed to be as a “father” to both?

  2. Thx sis Susan for your good work, enjoy reading so much. But all I wish is don’t make our BJS die !!! He can go somewhere to do the treatment and be cured. So anxious to watch the final episodes. ,such an exciting drama , very good acting of our Prince . Zikzin JKS ❤️❤️❤️


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