2 thoughts on “Thoughts on ‘Switch ~Change the world~’ Episode 15-16”

  1. Thank you for this amazing recap, Bethann. 🙂 I can understand that Baek Joon Soo wants to take his place back and clear his name, but did he forget that Sa Do Chan saved his life? It seems that he really will betray him.;_; Can’t wait to see what will happen tomorrow! Sa Do Chan fighting! 😉 ♥

  2. Thanks Beth.. I don’t know if episode 17 will get our boys out of this tight spot.. We just can’t imagine how and which way this switch will go…what the setting is..is this premeditated by both of the boys? or did BJS find something out about SDC while he was sentenced to a wheelchair..as the original prosecutor he will have knowledge of GTW and the whole bunch and he might have more background information that has not been shared before..OMG.
    This drama is killing..tomorrow come quick..let the second part of the thrilling roller coaster ride commence


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