8 thoughts on “Thoughts on ‘Switch ~Change the world~’ Episode 9-10”

  1. I knew urs will be the unique one haha.. I honestly loooooved it sis..

    The credit goes to Mama Jez for making u write this hahaha..

    These r so true sis..
    “But I bet, if JKS tells this line to you, “Your heart is beating too fast and I am just trying to calm you down.”, you will never calm down. Your heart will beat faster and faster until you need an oxygen mask to breathe (or a clean brown bag will do).”

    “Maybe O Ha Ra is too tense because of your hotness (Hahahahahaha)” hahahaha…

    Really laughed hard when Do Chan joked that he wouldn’t be able to start his law practice.. he will get higher pay.. haha.. with all his expressions haha loved that scene..

    Your screenshots r also so beautiful..

    That Priya, plz don’t cry!! :”(
    How can I control sis???? My hubby.. :”( How i wish I can contact the writer to urge him to save Joon Soo.. :”(

  2. Hi Priya ! Why I do have same feelings as you ! Joon Soo was so weak and not totally recovered and I am afraid he will die at the end of the drama ! Please writer don’t make this happened all JKS eels will sure cry and heartbroken ????????

  3. wow! a very nice recap indeed! i told you that you can do it Newbie_Eel for even in just chatting with you, i knew that you’re capable of doing it. since it is so detailed and at the same time funny, you made me enjoy reading it. thanks again for doing it for us……or for Suk?

  4. Thanks sis newbie eel. It is amazing. I am laughing so hard seeing his acting in this drama. His acting is great. I like this drama because of him.

  5. Well Newbie_eel, you just sold your cherries to the highest bidder…
    I had so much fun reading your recap and personal notes..that is what it is all about.. how you perceived the drama…fresh from the screen..you first (wild) thoughts and presumptions even if they might not be on target at times..things will always show later..it’s about the addictive craziness when we see him….. Really fun.
    I would say…keep up the good work..and have another go sometimes 🙂
    You wanted to ask something…bring it on.
    As I always state…QUESTION EVERYTHING!!

  6. Hi sis eels.was really fun reading all your views about Switch..was feeling the same way..Every time i watch it i cant help but catch my breath on every scene of our Prince..He really is unbelievably talented actor.. I specially love the scene about the burn scar when Sa Do Chan and Baek Joon Soo collaborated..Its a great twist on the story..I know we’ll be seeing a lot of it on the drama..Just when you thought we had it figured out an unexpected twist will happen..


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