4 thoughts on “Thoughts on ‘Switch ~Change the world~’ Episode 7-8”

  1. Sis Hoàng, this seems a perfect review.. Very well written & up-to-date.. Ahh i must learn from you how to write if I get a chance again haha..

    Really EP 7-8 is the most most interesting part..
    I again watched it yesterday..

    Specially the scene where Joon Soo & Ha ra talks.. OMG I watched it 3 times repeatedly. So in love with Joon Soo haha.. His deep Angellic manly voice & his sweet talks with Ha Ra stole my heart!! I really get those goosebumps again & again whenever I see my Joon Soo Oppa!! So I m even started writing posts with ‘My hubby Joon Soo’ kkkkk..

    And another two scenes that I watch repeatedly, Do Chan with Ha Ra.. Drinking coffee together, JKS’s expressions there were out of the world.. And that roof top scene.. OMG.. Do Chan really seems liking Ha Ra.. Those 3 conditions.. haha..

    Repeatedly watching these scenes!!

    And not to mention the scene where Sa Do Chan & team enter the airport with crazy OST at BGM.. Waaaaaooowwww!!

    JKS’s cute finger poses too.. ❤❤❤

    So many moments to love, love & love haha.. 🙂


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