[Video] Jang Keun Suk & Han Ye Ri on SBS PowerFM ‘Cultwo Show’_20180328

UPDATE: added the text translation
Credit: SBS 라디오 오피셜*에라오*
English translation: Zoe from ECI

(Cultwo Show) Main characters in drama “Switch” Jang Keun Suk, Han Yeri
00:00 Celebrity’s appearance
00:02 Even now, a lot of your Japanese fans are here.
00:04 JKS : Hello!
Text: A relaxed hand wave!
00:05 Celebrity’s confidence
00:06 DJ Jung Chan Woo: I’ve heard a lot of talk about the drama, it’s highly praised!
00:08 JKS: First of all…it’s because I appear in it
Text: Because I appear ~Asia Prince~
00:11 Celebrity’s respond to malicious comments
00:12 JKS: I had a long hair for a quite while, and cut it!
00:14 DJ: Yes, that’s right
00:15 JKS: «If you will use your head like this, give it to me!!» …like this
00:18 JKS: «The only thing he had was a hair style!!!» something like that.
00:18 DJ Jung Chan Woo: Oh, why did they write someting like that!
00:21 The audience: No!!!!
00:22 JKS: It’s not like that, I know that too!
00:23 Celebrity’s show time
00:24 A (radio) listener: Couldn’t you take a mic and do It’s show time once ?
00:27 JKS: I was doing it then
00:28 because people around me liked it very much.
00:29 I shouldn’t do that now…
00:31 I’ve stopped doing it!!!
00:32 I worry a lot that my image will be affected by that…
00:32 Text: Worry that his image will be affected…
00:33 DJ: There are many people who miss it!
00:34 JKS: However… because of them who miss it
00:35 It’s SHOW TIME
0:39 Text : (gross – oh)
00:42 DJ Jung Chan Woo: What is your blood type?
00.43 JKS: It’s A type.
00:44 Cultwo show – during broadcasting 28March 2018

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