[News] ‘Human, Space, Time and Human’ will be shown in 36th BIFFF

Credit: BIFFF webisite

Jang Keun Suk’s latest movie ‘Human, Space, Time and Human’ directed by Kim Ki-duk will be shown in 36th Brussels International Fantasy, Fantastic, Thriller and Science Fiction Film Festival (BIFFF). They introduced Eng-subbed teaser, and their expectation about the movie.

A hundred people embark on an old warship converted into a huge summer liner. It was supposed to be a relaxed cruise with happy tourists. However, if you put a microcosm of human society into confined spaces with tons of drug and alcohol, you get a Sodom and Gomorrah at sea. After an eventful night of orgies, murders and extreme violence, the passengers finally fall asleep, exhausted by all this atrocious debauchery. Upon awakening, the surviving passengers will not only have to deal with their pounding hangovers but also with a mind boggling new situation. Their cruise liner is now floating in the air, among the clouds. And food stocks are shrinking by the hour.

For his 23rd film, Ki-duk Kim had a clear message: “I made this film to stop hating humans”. Having said that, the most audacious Korean filmmaker completely threw all politically correct caution in the wind. It didn’t take long for reactions to flood in. The world premiere of Human Space, Time and Human at the Berlin Film Festival caused an uproar, polarizing the audience both shocked by the lack of filters and blown away by this allegory of human fascism. Are you ready to give your opinion?

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