[article] [Orion’s Daily Ramblings] Han Ye-ri Invading Jang Geun-suk’s Personal Space in “Switch – Change The World”

Original source: HANCINEMA
I can’t blame Han Ye-ri’s character for the disbelief in these latest stills from “Switch – Change The World”, or Jang Geun-suk’s for that matter. Clone/lookalike/soul-swapping-oddity dramas are all the rage lately, with many actors and actresses tackling two or several characters. In the case of this series, Jang Geun-suk juggles two.

The drama’s stills show the main duo in a moment of reasonable confusion, as the squishy cheeks captured are either not the ones the pinching was intended for, or they are not very fond of the curious exploration of them taking place. I’m still not sure if she knows who he is here, but it’s a funny scene either way.
The premise of “Switch – Change The World” uses the typical element of exact opposites to make the situation pop out. We have a con man and a respectable prosecutor, with the former replacing the latter. Will it happen by death, coma or another form of misfortune? Take your pick, but I expect a lot of frustration from the prosecutor’s peers post-switch.

I am not familiar with the creators here, but the teasers look entertaining, and we have a supporting cast made of unicorns and fulfilled dreams here. Maybe “Switch – Change The World” is worth a little look-see.
Written by: Orion from ‘Orion’s Ramblings’

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