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Original source: http://programs.sbs.co.kr/drama/switch/about/52409
English translation: Zoe from ECI

*Intention behind the drama ‘Switch’
“A small crook is in prison, but a big crook is in a penthouse.
You can’t catch a really diabolic crook legally.”

If you swindle a small amount of money, you are called a crook, if you gain a lot of money, it’s called a financial business.
If you break a minor promise, you are called a crook, if you break a significant promise, you are called politician.

There is a law, but it’s not possible to catch them.
Is there any way to deal with big crooks who escape like a slippery fish even if you catch them?

What if a genius swindler becomes a prosecutor and crosses freely a line betweeen legal and illegal?
Trough this trilling story about the «fraud» we want to reflect what our values and hopes that we must defend to the end of life are.

*Basic info
Broadcast period: 2018.03 ~
Director: Nam Tae Jin
Writer: Baek Woon-cheol, Kim Ryu-hyun
Casts: Jang Keun Suk, Han Ye Ri, Jung Woong In, Choi Jae Won

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