[fan-cam] 20180203 장근석(Jang, Geun-suk) 강릉 문화올림픽 개막식 참여 직캠(Fancam) by GameStar

UPDATE: added English text translation

Credit: 홍순우
English translation (JKS part): Wen Lee from ECI

00:00 2018 PyeongChang Culture Olympiad, lights which represent welcome and well wishes.
00:03 Let it rise!.
00:33 Thank you everyone for coming here amidst your busy schedules.
00:37 There is a guest who especially wants to say hello to you all.
00:42 Governor, you are the best person to introduce him.
00:43 May I please ask you this favour?
00:45 Our World Star who hailed from Gangwondo.
00:51 You all know who he is, right?!
00:52 There is a gathering of a lot of Geun-chan’s fans here.
00:55 Please give a big welcome for our Olympiad Ambassador, Jang Keun suk-ssi!
01:02 Thank you everyone!
01:05 Hello everyone, I am Actor Jang Keun Suk.
01:10 I am very happy that this historical international event for Korea is taking place in Gangwondo.
01:19 The weather today is so cold.
01:20 Thank you everyone for coming.
01:22 Before the start of the Olympic games.
01:24 Having organised this Cultural Olympiad event with everyone.
01:31 I am very happy to be able to participate.
01:35 I will do my best to bring more people to Gangwondo.
01:38 To be able to promote to the world in my capacity as an actor.
01:44 Thank you very much everyone!

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