[Video] 2017 Jang Keun Suk birthday sharing photo exhibition message

Credit: Jang Keun Suk Official Fan Club Cri J
English translation: tenshi_akuma

Hello, I’m Jang Keun Suk. As usual, the 5th Cri J sharing photo exhibition is about to start. Every year, I can recall what I’ve done this year through the photo exhibition, so I get excited about going there. I’m sure you’ll see how I’ve spent this year soon. I’m also going to attend the exhibition, so let’s meet then. See you soon!

11 thoughts on “[Video] 2017 Jang Keun Suk birthday sharing photo exhibition message”

  1. Oh wow he’s sooo handsome… I like it when he smiles naturally like this. He looks fit too… golfing, boxing and pilates really do wonders for him. And, his deep voice when he said, “See you soon” OMG.

  2. Lucky eels in Korea can go every year to see this photo exhibition . He really looks very handsome in this video and the lovely smile . Thx to sis Tenshi for the translations ,have a nice weekend Byebye

  3. Hi everyone! It’s been a long time since I last commented on this page. But still visits this site from time to time. Haha Thank you Tenshi Sis for continually providing updates for all eels (especially internationally eels accross the globe) We’re more than thankful and happy for your selfless act.

    Can’t wait for this year’s photo exhibition. I still have the clear picture of JKS’ white suit from last year’s event (my most favorite amongst all his OOTD’s haha) I have to say this once again that he really looks good in white 🙂 Now, I have so much anticipation for this year wondering what would he wear this time haha. Hmm thinking about that, I just realized that I just hit my first year of being JKS’ fan haha >_<

    Just wondering on the process of the photo exhibition. All photos are taken for year 2016, right? Are the photos for exhibit submitted by eels? and is it right that JKS signs what he founds interesting and these signed photos are open for auction? And all the proceeds will be given to the foundation, right? (Sorry I do not have a concrete idea on this haha) thank you for the nice eel who can answer! <3

    • PS. I missed him speaking Korean. Haha I think I got used so much on him, speaking Japanese. It is just simply amazing that he can fluently converse using other language aside from his native language ~ he is just highly intellectual individual.. no words haha

    • And sis that very white suit marked our friendship, right? Really that white suit is the bestest outfit.. He looks like a real Prince in whites..

      And today at the exhibition, I think I must say I have never seen a man as beautiful, as handsome, as sexy like him.. He looked out of the world today.. Just I can’t understand how come he looks soooo cool in anything.. ❤❤ When I saw his pics today I really wanted to run to him.. And I even cried seeing him so happy & pretty..

      About the exhibition pics what I know is, photos taken by eels & fan arts (eel arts), & his dolls are displayed.. JKS signed those he likes but they are not auctioned..

      The money for charity comes from the ticket prices & eels’ personal donation (as far as I read in earlier posts abt his exhibition, I think all these happen)

      • Hi Sis,
        hahaha! yeah! that white suit is very iconic!

        Regarding his “OOTD” on this year’s exhibition, it is simpler compared to last year, but that simplicity made his whole appearance to stand out more in the venue. The shade of blue also portrays calmness/ tranquility which I think somehow complements his look that day 🙂 He seemed cool and happy <3

        PS. He also looks good in overs-sized tops! hahaha

  4. Hi Pinky, what nationality you are ? Totally agreed with you , missing him speaking his native language , even though I don’t understand both Japanese and Korean , but I think I like him speaking Korean , may be I watched too many of his Korean dramas , I understand some words of Korean , and his expressions are more natural .But anyway no matter what languages he is using his voice is superb he is really a borned singer and he choose the right path as. a singer. Zikzin dear JKS all the best . Oh Pinky btw I am Chinese from Hong Kong Byebye have a good weekend all JKS Eels ❤️❤️❤️

    • Hi Teresa,
      Nice to hear from you again 🙂 I remembered, we commented on each other’s post the last time too haha. I’m from the Philippines 🙂 With regards to familiarization of words, I am on the other way around :)) I came to know some Japanese words (perhaps due to his song titles) haha! Wow!! Ni hao! Should I ask, Bing qi lin you ma? haha! (I wonder what was your reaction watching that portion in My Ear’s Candy) 🙂 See you around here! 🙂

  5. Hi ladies, I have seen the pictures and video too ! He was in such good moods that day, very happy to see him in such joy , ! The outfits is superb ,actually all colors suit him well he is handsome no matter how he dressed .So fond of him . Looking forward to his projects . Zikzin JKS

  6. hi Pinky nice talking to you as matter of fact i have bought theDVD of the My eyes candy . i like
    JKS parts very much He is really a true and sincere person .I was so touched in all the episodes ,especially the last one
    When he mentioned he had feelings about the actress in the drama they played together, everyone wondered who she is ? Can you guess who ? I hope he will find his best half soon to love and take care of him !❤️❤️❤️


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