[article] Finecut Picks Up Kim Ki-duk’s ‘Human’

South Korean sales company Finecut has picked up the latest film by Kim Ki-duk, “Human, Space, Time and Human.”

It stars Japan’s Mina Fujii (“Death Note: Light up the New World”) and Joe Odagiri (“I Wish”), veteran Korean actors Ahn Sung-ki (“Revivre”), Ryoo Seung-bum (“The Net”), Lee Sung-jae (“Public Enemy”) and Jang Keun-suk (“You’re My Pet”), in a tale that tests and reveals the true nature of the human race.

“Time and Human” sees the story of a group of people who wake up in the morning to find themselves stuck in a battleship no longer floating in water.

“I made this film in order to stop hating humans,” the arthouse maverick said in a statement released by Cineclick.

Currently in post-production, “Time and Human” is the twenty third production by the director whose previous works including “The Isla” and “Three Iron” have been recognized by major European film festivals. But Kim remains controversial in his home country and the film’s Korean release date has yet to be set.

3 thoughts on “[article] Finecut Picks Up Kim Ki-duk’s ‘Human’”

  1. He made this film to “stop hating humans”. YIKES! I’m curious to see how he deals with the subject. Looking forward to its release.
    Maybe I’ve been lucky, as I’ve found most people, are kind, and friendly.
    Society can misjudge a whole group of people because of the actions of one person. I hope each individual is judged on their own merit.

  2. Thanks for this important post, Tenshi. Lynn, I also am surprised by the director’s motive for making the film. I assume there’s more to the story than the short quote in this article. I hope that somehow a subtitled version of the film will be made available for English speaker.

  3. This is the happiest news!! Can’t describe in words my level of happiness..
    Both Prince & eels must be very tensed till now for the release.. Sooooo happy God listened our prayers & Prince’s hardwork will be surely paid off.. Just hoping for a sooner announcement of release in Korea too.

    This short description abt the script is already very interesting.. “Human Time” will surely be the biggest hit.. ❤❤ Can’t wait for the first look of movie & our Prince. 🙂


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