[Video] Music Japan TV Countdown_20170812

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English translation: tenshi_akuma

Hello Music Japan TV viewers, I’m Jang Keun Suk.
Q: If you can take a long vacation… ?
JKS: If it’s summer, I think the most important item is Jang Keun Suk’s new album ‘Voyage’. It suits for dancing. Listening to the songs gives me more energies. It’s really suitable for summer. In summer, I recommend you to listen to JKS songs and go to the beach or go to the woods for camping. Personally I’m planning to spend summer like this.
Q: About new album ‘Voyage’
JKS: Well, ‘Voyage’ is my full album that was released after 2 years absence. It takes about one year to complete it. It’s been a while to release a new album, so I enjoyed a lot. While recording my singing, I was thinking how my fans would feel when they listen to JKS songs. Please look forward to it. I think you have a lot of plans in summer, but I hope you to check my new album released on August 9th. Let’s enjoy your summer more with JKS.

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  1. Morning everyone, what a big surprise !! There are Chinese subtitle in this video thx to the one doing it , and ocx thx to sis Tenshi for the English translations . Have a good day ,and enjoy your summer vacation, I am like JKS I like summer it’s more lively ,and I can’t stand the cold .Sun shine make you more happy ,right !! Voyage is really a very beautiful song , I can’t wait to receive my new CD and listen to all the new songs .


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