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English translation (JKS part only): tenshi_akuma

JKS: Hello Momochihama DX viewers, I’m Jang Keun Suk. It takes about one year to complete this album.
Q: How about new album?
JKS: Thanks to that I could concentrate for a long period, I’m confident that it has better songs than my previous ones. In addition, there are various kinds of songs. So I think I can use of their different tastes fully in my next concerts.
Q: What’s your next challenge or goal?
JKS: If I have the chance, I want to make a nationwide tour with this album ‘Voyage’. Visiting somewhere I’ve wanted to go or I’ve never been before, I want to see my fans closer. That is my challenge and goal, too.
Q: What’s your impression about Fukuoka?
JKS: I love Fukuoka! In Fukuoka, there is my favorite ramen shop. When I had a hangover, I went there directly. Eating the soup and drinking beer… It was the best. Actually I’ve been there twice a day. I want to go to Fukuoka as soon as possible and eat ramen.
Q: Any message to fans in Fukuoka?
JKS: I think I can go to Fukuoka for my concerts soon. Please come and see me then.

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