[Video] M-ON! MUSIC ‘Answer each question within 5 seconds!’

Credit: M-ON! MUSIC / エムオンミュージック 公式チャンネル
English translation: tenshi_akuma

【5秒で答えて】チャン・グンソク 投稿者 lppei5
JKS: You’ll see my whole self that you’ve known seen before.
Q: Please answer within 5 seconds!
JKS: I think it’s very meaningful that I made it with my fans.
Q1: Speaking of Jang Keun Suk…?
JKS: An attractive man.
Q2: What is the most important notice written in ‘the instruction manual of Jang Keun Suk’?
JKS: Well… something that makes me sick… [time’s up]
Q3: Speaking of ‘throb of the heart’…?
JKS: Something that throbs heart? Jang Keun Suk!
Q4: What is the best way to make you happy when you feel down?
JKS: Story of cars and to find a cheap car insurance for classics.
Q5: What is the tips to enjoy JKS’ concert more?
JKS: Well… Just leave it to me.
Q6: Mention what you like as many as possible.
JKS: Car… Golfing…
Q7: Mention what you don’t like as many as possible.
JKS: [Time’s up]
Q8: You’re the only person who hasn’t yet served a meal that you ordered. What would you do?
JKS: I’d go to pick it up.
Q9: What would you try to make your beloved one pay attention to you?
JKS: I’d show her my seriousness.
Q10: What is the most difficult Japanese that you know?
JKS: Ah! (Writing/Reading) Chinese characters.
Q11: What kind of kids were you?
JKS: A pretty boy. Attractive.
Q12: When do you think ‘I’m beautiful’?
JKS: Now. Always.
Q13: Where do you want to go for ‘Voyage’ now?
JKS: Well… Hawaii.
Q14: You called out to an acquaintance, but you found you were mistaken. What would you do?
JKS: I’d apologize. “I’m sorry.”
Q15: If you encountered aliens, what would you do?
JKS: I’d ask them to take me to outer space.
Q16: Say something to your fan who failed to losing weight.
JKS: Look in the mirror at yourself.
Q17: Tell us what you are fussy about.
JKS: I’m always serious (about everything).
Q18: If your friend broke up with his girlfriend, what would you say to him?
JKS: “Is it true? Forget about it. There are many beautiful girls in the world.”
Q19: Please show your best face in conclusion.
JKS: [smile with flying kiss]
Staff: That’s all for today. Thank you.
JKS: It was tough to answer quickly.

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  1. Tenshi, if you don’t mind I’d like to borrow your translation to post over on TEF’s blog. We don’t have anyone who can speak Japanese.May I?

  2. Morning thx so much for the translations, every morning the first thing to do is to open my iPad a,d I see such a beautiful piece. It was so entertaining and interesting . He is really a smart person and honest to everything . Thx again

  3. Thank you much my Dearest Tenshi. You had always been a great help to all Eels and to my ig Page. Keep up the good works.


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