[News] Various promotional events for JKS 4th album ‘Voyage’ in Japan

Original source: http://www.universal-music.co.jp/jang-keunsuk/news/

*JKS special train runs on the Yamanote Line
To celebrate the release of JKS’ 4th album ‘Voyage’ and his 1st broadcast about ‘THE CRISHOW ROCKUMENTARY’ on TBS channel, JKS special train is scheduled to run on the Yamanote Line in Tokyo from August 7th till 20th. This train is not only wrapped in ‘Voyage’ and ‘THE CRISHOW ROCKUMENTARY’ visual photos, but also has JKS’ name plate on the front of the train. JKS train runs through the summer in Tokyo!
JKS comment:
I’m full of emotion that I realized that I’m going to release my 4th album after I debuted as a singer in Japan. I’d like to travel Tokyo on JKS train to see you. In this album ‘Voyage’ I have expressed various emotions through the journey of life. Especially about the ‘joyful’ part of life, I want to fill it with you above all emotions.

*JKS 4th album ‘Voyage’ release event held in Tokyo and Osaka
To celebrate the release of JKS’ 4th album ‘Voyage’, the special events are to be held in Tokyo and Osaka. In addition, there is a present plan that lucky fans get his personal belongings or original greeting cards. Only those who buy the first limited production of ‘Voyage’ can apply. The special event is held on September 27th in Tokyo and on September 28th in Osaka. JKS is scheduled to appear in the event.

J prize: invitation for the special event: 2,400 winners in total
K prize: JKS personal belongings: 3 winners
S prize: original greeting cards with his message: 300 winners

*JKS LINE LIVE ‘An Unexpected Voyage’ live broadcast on August 9th
To celebrate JKS’ 4th album ‘Voyage’, special LINE LIVE program ‘An Unexpected Voyage’ is scheduled to do live broadcast on August 9th at 19:00. JKS will share some secret episodes while making the album and explain all of the songs. The MC is Yumi-san, so you can expect their funny chemistry, too. There is also a special plan. His lucky fans can get his direct phone call as he did for Geun-chan Santa LINE LIVE program.

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