2 thoughts on “[Video] ‘Voyage’ Music Video short ver.”

  1. This MV is just abt Prince giving energy to his eels.. waaaaah which I 1000% true.. This is our life.. haha.. my life for sure..

    Haha how can he come up with such an idea.. Our Prince is just awesommmm!!
    And he knows exactly we will go crazy after the vid.. 🙂

    In my case I think I m too much busy with my studies & work still for a moment I can forget to breathe but can’t forget to think him.. haha.. Gone super crazy for u my Prince.. ❤❤❤

  2. https://vimeo.com/227086527 (Voyage or the life of an eel)

    Friends, those who haven’t​ seen this yet, plz plz watch the fan made vid by Zozie sis.. Each n every word she wrote is soooo true.. Love it.. I have saved it & already watched several times.. ❤❤❤


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