12 thoughts on “[Pic] JKS with a lucky golfer”

  1. I always have a heavy heart whenever I see this photo huhuhu so jealous of the lucky eel! Waah!! Yet I am happy because JKS was accommodating and kind enough to cater the request of the lady 🙂 Hope to have a photo of him like this in the future!! Hahahaha he looks so manly here! I love his attire from head to toe completely! It’s like he’s into sports for real! 🙂

    • Exactly sis!! From head to toe he looks amazing!!! His outfits looks awesommmmm.. And this girl is so lucky to have such a close pic with our Prince.. She held his hands too.. I may sound idiotic but I really really envy her.. 🙁
      Buttttt I am not tired to say at all that he has chemistry with any girl even he stands with, sits or act.. A born “Prince” 🙂

      • Hi sis! Newbie Eel just advised me that there are new comments on this specific post! I was excited to read all the comments yet by reading it, I will came to see the photos again hahahhaa (so bitter) hahaha kidding! Yes! She is indeed L.U.C.K.Y hahaha first thing I saw of course:
        – his face
        – second: who he was with (omo)
        – third: his hand on her shoulder (huhu)
        – third: his OOTD hahaha

        I’ll just focus on his face and his outfit here lol haha. But thank you lucky eel for sharing this photo! Looking forward to more eels posting their photos with JKS 🙂

      • Yeah more pics..
        Hope many more pics of our Prince from various sources.. with whoever he is.. 🙂
        Our jealousy is in our own way but his new pics are on another.. haha..

        Our comments may sound crazg, buttt it’s fun talking like this.. 🙂 🙂

  2. Its very nice of our Prince I think he will do it with everyone by request ,he is such a nice person that’s why he is loved by everyone and all his eels.He looks very sunny and sporty with this outfits

    • Hi Teresa,
      Haha I wonder how many eels are jealous too. But,he really looks great here! Good thing, due to him, being “so” good looking, can subsides every eels’ jealousy! Hahahaha <3

  3. Morning, I really hope our Prince has time to read some of our comments ,we are just like talking to him ! ????????????❤️❤️

  4. Morning is a gud time to remember all d sweet things and all sweet people in ur life so wake up with ur SWEET MEMORYS To c this morning
    God Morning


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