[Teaser] JKS appears on Fuji-TV ‘DOWNTOWN NOW’ on May 26th


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Hama-chan (DOWNTOWN): By the way, do you have a girlfriend, Geun-chan?
JKS: The fact/secret has never been discovered so far.

8 thoughts on “[Teaser] JKS appears on Fuji-TV ‘DOWNTOWN NOW’ on May 26th”

  1. Jks is Jks. So childish also I like . Always laughing and cute ,wait to see ..he is so sincere to true love…I believe it will appear very soon..love is need to wait … when u want.. u cannot get.. when u don’t want ..then u get..life is full of unpredictable love..fighting .. love u prince..wait your princess..she will appear in the future I believe..

  2. I love his appearances in japanese shows.. He is like a free bird here n we see that Real JKS whom we love the most.. ❤❤

  3. Morning dear Sis Tenshi , I think I remember you did mentioned there will be the English translations about this show . Or am I wrong ? Really wish to watch it with the Eng sub . Thx a lot .byebye have a good day ❤️❤️

    • I did mention to translate the show in English, but I was too busy these days.. I’ve been working till midnight and, what’s worse, I’m having a severe pain in my right arm, and doctor asked me not to use a computer for long hours…. but I still have to use my computer for work 🙁 So it takes longer than I originally thought to complete it, but I will asap anyway. Please be patient and wait for the release. Thanks.

      • Sis what happened to your right arm? Be healthy quickly sis.. U can do the subs later also.. we r ready to watch JKS anytime.. 🙂
        I pray for your quick recovery sis.. Love you a lotttt for everything till now.. ❤❤
        Lez~go!! Fighting!! ❤❤

  4. Morning dear sis Tenshi, thx for your quite response, what happened to your right arms, ? Is it getting better ? Please don’t worry, take your time, we eels will wait patiently, you’ve already done a lot for us! Please take care, God bless you


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