2 thoughts on “[2017-04-18] Jang Keun Suk LINE”

  1. Hi Geun Suk
    A friend introduced me to Korean first drama I watched was “You are beautiful” I really liked Hwang Tae Kyung ever since then I have been following you in all your drama and you music as well, great work you are really talented.

    I can now call myself your though im from South Africa I hope one day we will meet

  2. 안녕하세요 씨 장,

    여기 필리핀에있는 당신의 팬입니다.
    당신은 여기 방문 할 수있는 희망, 그리고 CEBU 남쪽의 여왕 도시.

    많은 사랑! XOXO



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