[ENG-SUB] LINE LIVE: Geun chan Santa’s gifts lucky draw event_20161219

Sorry it took a lot of time to complete this video. Usually making srt file takes time. I hope you can still enjoy it. This is LINE live video, so when watching it from smartphones, the subtitles are more suitable than from PC. Here’s the non-subbed link.

Translation : Hazy & Tenshi_akuma
Timing: Tenshi_akuma
Hardsub: Pei

7 thoughts on “[ENG-SUB] LINE LIVE: Geun chan Santa’s gifts lucky draw event_20161219”

  1. Thankuuuuu sooooo much team!!!
    We understand sis it takes so much time to update everything even in ur busy lives.. Love u guys for all ur hard works.. This is a really precious piece of Prince to save.. He showed his completely true self here.. Very excited to go back sweet home and watch it.. ❤❤

  2. Oh, he is so funny and beautiful! I’m so happy I could finally watch it with subs!Thank you so much for your hard work Tenshi, Hazy and Pei. ♥

    I’ve watched it on PC and subtitles were perfect, by the way. 🙂

  3. Thx so much Hazy and Tenshi for the English subs it’s never too late to read it we understand that it take time and effort to do all this for our eels appreciated so much bcx there won’t be any languages barriers between all eels . JKS is really natural in anything and so acted so happy when he heard the answers of his eels , no hiding on anything really a lovely boy that’s why we Love Him so Much

  4. Thank you so much lovely team Tenshi, Hazy and Pei Pei
    Good things come to those who wait.. I’m so happy to have this with subs to keep..
    When I see the start of this; him waving with his 2 fingers to all cameras..the happiness to connect to his eels..my heart can only sing.
    He is so precious <3

  5. Don’t worry about it … Never is late for watch JKS’s videos because I always watch more than once and I’m sure, I’m not the only one who does this!!! Thank you so much for translate this video … I really wanted to watch it!!! I truly loved it!!!


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