3 thoughts on “[2017-04-16] Jang Keun Suk Instagram”

  1. Hello! @tenshi_akuma I’m a fan of your works. I’m always waiting for your updates cause your a loyal fan of KeunSuk. Can I ask a question? Do you have a kind of product in Japan? if you dont have. I think you interpret It wrong. I think. he’s not drunk. I think his promoting a new product. by his own I think he will put It into Zikzin! because he love his fans he put It into a labeled drink. and that’s why he’s introducing It as I’m JKS because Everybody knows KeunSuk fans is called Unagi. that’s why when you buy It. you will know it’s KeunSuk’s Drink and you will remember him always. whay Do you think Ms. Tenshi 🙂 have a good day! please continue To Update Good news by the way Ms.Tenshi Do you have the English Trans of the Song Angel’s Castle? thank you very much


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