[fan-cam 1] JKS arrived at Fukuoka for GIFT FM_20170403

Credit: SogiTV804Marimon

tenshi_akuma’s note: This eel planned to webcast live on Twitter when she welcomed him at airport, and she showed Suk the notice to ask him a message to eels. Suk responded to her camera, saying ‘Hello~ (Anyoung)’. What an amazing moment!

Credit: riaxxx0706

Credit: M

Credit: hanakoJKS

Credits as tagged, shared on Twitter

1 thought on “[fan-cam 1] JKS arrived at Fukuoka for GIFT FM_20170403”

  1. Who could have expected that Suk will really read the mssg and reply??
    This is really an amazing moment n a great idea by the eel..
    He bowed down soooo lovingly to say “Anneyong”..
    Waaaaah ❤❤❤ Dear Sukkie..


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