[article] Jang Keun Suk x Big Brother = Team H Party, a sudden wild party!

2017-01-17 HS最强韩流经纪
Credit: http://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/vDtyBtNrinm82GIBoUU-nQ
English translation: Hazy Lee from ECI

Definitely caught off guard, and there isn’t the slightest hesitation, you appeared ~~~ (hand movement with background music)

2016 Dec 25, on this romantic day, official Weibo released the news that there will be a TH Party, and it’s only 14 days away. You must have thought our oppa is crazy? Actually….I did suppose he was crazy.
Actually, it’s not just him who is crazy
We too
With this craziness
In the next 14 days
Awaiting this TeamH Party show
Guangzhou 2017 Monologue show
Right, it’s not oppa’s solo show this round, but the duo group TeamH made up of Jang Keun Suk and BB presenting TH Party. In his last show in Shanghai, oppa asked if he should come China alone
or bring along BB in his next trip, every eels responded to bring BB along. Being a fool for his fans, he really brought BB along this round, they can’t be stopped!
Although our oppa would often talk big on the stage, but often he would turn the talk into reality, such an amazing guy!

Firstly, you are all familiar with this guy Jang Keun Suk
I shall not introduce further
Let’s introduce BB
Big Brother Chinese name is 郑承默 (Zheng Cheng Mo)
Professional music producer
Is schoolmate with oppa Jang in University
And they got to know each other through clubbing
[Note]: Clubbing!!
And that explains why when they are together
Their music style is EDM
So everything is fated!

Firstly let us make a simple summary of this concert, I have given it a thought and these 2 phrases came to mind – High-spirited! Cuteness overload!


The so called clubbing style concert, the audience were already all so high even before the main characters appeared on stage! So in the end, chairs in the hall existed in name only, as everyone stood through the 2-hour show. And of course there is another use for the chairs as seen below:
(Dangerous Act, please do not imitate)

Sang a total of 23 songs
The various twisting of waist and hip, various sexy moves
That the 2 chaps on the stage are already 30-year-old!
Even BB who has “Phobia of fans” is super high too

He was all smiles throughout the show
And during the special song “WOW”

BB oppa at the side
you are indeed a soul dancer
dance as you wished

So high that
BB even threw a bath towel?
Others would throw a face towel
What would it mean to throw such a large bath towel?

Cuteness Overload!

The hall was initially filled with clubbing sexy scene
Both entered the stage looking very handsome with their 2nd outfit

when Mr Jang took off his jacket
The scene changed
A sudden visual change to cartoon animation
But it’s unbelievably similar
So should you be known as “Winnie Jang”
How could you be so cute?
(PS: below Jang Keun Suk will be referred to as “Winnie Jang”)
Since he came all the way to meet his fans
How can he not chat with them!

Hello eels, I am here!
Happy New Year, GongxiGongxi! (Chinese greetings for congratulations)
Long time no see, I missed all of you!
I want you!
please give me your telephone number?

With the portfolio of language
Winnie Jang seems to have used up all his brain juices
to greet his China eels with these few Chinese sentences

Still the good old formula
Still the good old taste
As if nothing has ever changed

Please don’t ask me
Where he learnt these sentences for picking up girls
I also don’t know
Maybe it’s inborn

JKS: BB anything you would like to say to the fans?
BB (after much thoughts): I ~ Love ~ You
JKS: all ~ I love you all!
Oppa is indeed a clever guy
He knew not to show favouritism!
(Chinese word used a phrase which meant that the emperor should give his attention to only 1 concubine and neglect the rest – 雨露均沾).

JKS: Have not been to China for a while, have eaten many delicious food, but yet to see any pretty girls…..

Winnie Jang, you are obviously creating a scene!

JKS: I am very handsome?
Eels: Yes
JKS: I know
Eel: *Speechless*

After a short chat,
The songs began
The one song that leaves the freshest memory is “Fireworks”
a song which requires Winnie Jang to hit the high notes

his action to prepare to sing the high note is too cute

In this clubbing carnival
It strangely included a dance step
Commonly seen in China – public square dancing

Weren’t we talking about clubbing and sexy?
But our Winnie Jang public square dancing is too cute!

And with BB running all over
Is it coz you can’t dance?

Our Winnie Jang is not only good at public square dancing,
He is good at breakdancing too!

I was so nervous when he did this
But he successfully completed the moves
And here
Let’s give him a round of applause!

Coming to the end of the article
Realised I have not praise BB properly!

Big Brother

This upright boy who can is good looking
chose to focus on his talent instead
The shy boy who would rush away
when he met fans
The handsome boy who is muscular but has
exceptional great smiles
Kept to his role safeguarding his EDM music
Wrote various TeamH songs
Bringing lots of joy to us
as well as freedom

And I must add
all the songs from TeamH album
is written by the talented musician BB
Hope that in the new year
You can fulfil your new year wish
To find a girlfriend

The times together is always too short
the 2 hours passed by in a blink
During the last song
Winnie Jang shouted to his fans

Everyone please do not get hurt
Please do not feel lonely
Do not look at other artistes
Only at me!!!!!
-Winnie Jang

This bossy self-confident oppa
Yet most capable of pampering his fans
Is really hard not to love him

PS: would you spare a thought for BB next to you?

Team H
See you again next time!

12 thoughts on “[article] Jang Keun Suk x Big Brother = Team H Party, a sudden wild party!”

  1. Without you both, Tenshi and Hazy, we would not have had the joy of reading this – and this is definitely one of the most adorable FAs I’ve ever read! I was going to list everything I love about this account, but I would have wound up listing the entire FA! The eel who wrote this is a heck of a good writer! Thanks so much for translating and sending this to us! <3

      • Oh really!! Jason opened this cutest article ever??? Oh the credit is also given to HS Media..
        Waaaahh can’t believe.. It was completely an eel’s FA..
        A million thanks for translating..
        It was fun to read again n again..

      • I think not Jason but one of HS media staff wrote this. I think it must be female staff who can have fan-girl feelings.

      • Yes I believe it was written by a staff in HS.
        But regardless the author it sure was a very candid funny FA ^^

  2. “Please don’t ask me
    Where he learnt these sentences for picking up girls
    I also don’t know
    Maybe it’s inborn”

    This is sooooooo true.. He is a born genius and the no.1 in stealing women’s heart.. Devilish Matte Oppa❤❤

    JKS: I am very handsome?
    Eels: Yes
    JKS: I know
    Eel: *Speechless*

    He always say this and i love to hear this..

    Waaaahh he got a new name Winnie Jang..
    Love Winnie The Pooh a lotttt but our Winnie Jang surpasses him.. Nice pics..

    Thanks to the eels who uploaded videos of TEAM H GZ party videos on FB.. Really loved his dancing in Fireworks and his pole dance too.. Omo..
    Thanks for the WOW WOW gif also..
    Our precious dance steps..

    And lots of love, best wishes from heart for BB.. How could have been TEAM H possible without this genius Man.. Thanks for being a real friend of our PRINCE.. n for giving us so many stress relief songs.. ????????

    Loved this article very much sis..
    I really wonder after being a crazy eel lover of JKS, what would have I done without this blog n without these translated stories for us??..

    It would have been too difficult..
    Thanks for all the efforts of beautiful eels..

  3. Hi everyone! Been not able to write much comments these days but I visit this site still from time to time. I would just like to extend my appreciation to the eel who made this Fan Account. I agree with roma 🙂 This is one of the most adorable articles I read too so far 🙂 I like how she/he presented the thoughts – having GIF’s further help the reader to imagine the entertaining actions made by Team H that time. It made us all feel (for those who were not able to come to the concert live!) as if we were in the concert too! Hihi 🙂

    It is nice to know some interesting facts too:
    – BB not being used to fans – I wonder why he seems to be aloof with people during airport pictures hihi while on the other hand JKS exposing his charming smile, waving hand and flying kisses to all eels! Haha
    – JKS doing breakdancing – so this one, all I can say is “wow wow”! I did not know he can. But after all, nothing is impossible to him, right?? Omo!!!

    And of course, a special note still goes how JKS interacts with his eels. Really do not have any words for this. Simply, So Witty. Sweet. Charming

    – Witty – he knows what are the right words to say
    – Sweet – he knows how eels can fall for him more and more
    – Charming. (No need to elaborate… Charming equates to JKS) omo!!!

    PS. I love that “Winnie Jang” 🙂 🙂 🙂
    When pictures of TH Party were released, I found that JKS’ yellow shirt notable. Even a loose and simple shirt looks good on him. How can it be possible? Justice please!!! Hihihi

  4. Thank you so much for sharing this article … I really loved it!!! Why do we love Jang Keun Suk? He’s just Jang Keun Suk. I truly hope it’s never change.
    I think that Big Brother is so loyal friend and really talented too. I believe that this partnership going to last a long time yet.


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