[Pics] JKS with a beautiful manager, Ryubae

Original source: taewasun Instagram

Asia’s prince #jangkeunsuk with #ryubae ♥
He is the smartest guy who I have ever seen.
#Keunsuk jjang can speak in Japanese very well. And his english is also pretty good.
He will say “happy new year” in movie clip to #cornangels
#ryubae #starchange

tenshi_akuma’s note: According to her Instagram, she gives a facial massage to many celebrities to make their face smaller. Suk often goes to such a special massage service shop in Japan. And now he has the similar one in Seoul.

Cute ‘V’ #keunsuk jjang
I am happy at that time when I talk with him because he is smart. I meet with him everyweek nowadays. He will be more handsome because of me 🙂 🙂


Original source: @ryubae21 Twitter

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  1. Can’t wait to see him looking even MORE handsome and manly. Uh oh, his improved killer looks and toned up body will make our poor hearts flutter crazily hahaaa!


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