[fan-cam] JKS returned to Seoul after TEAM H PARTY_20170109

Credits as tagged, shared on Twitter

Credit: 非洲公主mary

Credit: mahdiyeh nikookalam

1 thought on “[fan-cam] JKS returned to Seoul after TEAM H PARTY_20170109”

  1. Omo the last video is the best fan cam. It’s so long n there were so many eels waiting for Sukkie in Korea.. waaaahh.. All of them r running crazily n it’s natural also how can a person control oneself having JKS infront of eyes??????
    But in the mean time watch our Prince walking steadily exactly like a KING!! Ohh his walking style is incomparable.. Each and every attitude of Sukkie resembles a Prince.. Waaaahh..

    And his bodyguards were trying to stop eels but they too end up smiling at them.. hihi.. I love the way our Prince is friendly even with his bodyguards.
    Loved it. I saved the video too.. loved lot.. Thanks for sharing sis..


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