17 thoughts on “[ENG-SUB] sukattojapan_20170102”

    • Undoubtedly I too will b watching only him.. if I were alive then..????

      I was really imagining myself in place if the actress. N also dreamt a nice movie date.. but I know i will surely get a heart attack if he appears suddenly before me.. waaaahh..

      And the Cinderella scene was wow wow..
      Who can b the perfect PRINCE for Cinderella other than our Prince???

      No one..
      Thanks soooo much for the subs sis..
      Enjoyed it a lot.. laughed a lot too..

      But one thing is noticeable that he is the real Prince of Romance..
      He can spread love anywhere n with any costar..????????

  1. EveEel I’m with you! I forget to read the subs..I can’t take my eyes away from him!!!
    I know it’s a programme, but it’s just like him! Remember when he helped a lady up/down
    the steps to the stage? (I think it was at press conference in Bangkok possibly) He is just
    such a very genuine man xx


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