[fan-cam 2] JKS’ acceptance speech for eels waiting outside_20170101

UPDATE: added more
Credit: mahdiyeh nikookalam

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4 thoughts on “[fan-cam 2] JKS’ acceptance speech for eels waiting outside_20170101”

  1. Thank you! I thought I’d seen the most heartwarming moment after seeing JKS get the awards but this beats it hands down. So proud and happy 🙂

  2. We treasure these videos, Tenshi! All of our hearts are bursting with affection and gratitude that he’s been so deservedly recognized. His happness truly is our happiness <3. Thanks so much for posting them 🙂

  3. Sis thanks a lot for posting the new 2 videos..
    Waaaah.. So happy to se him so relaxed n happy.. But looks like he cried after entering his car in the second vid..???? And even put the lights on his face for the lovely eels to see him clearly.. Really this moment is awesome.. Eels were so cheering for him till the end.. I m too far from him still I felt as if Prince was also standing before me happily giving eels such a personal n beautiful memory with their Prince on the very first day of the year..

    Really which artist thinks so much about their fans.. He is always ready to celebrate the most memorable events of his life with his eels..
    Very happy for u my Prince ❤


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