[article] [star talk talk] Showing his acting and talents in Daebak..thanks to JKS hardwork

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English translation: Evelyn Tan from ECI (Translated from Chinese text by 40+ Mama Eels)

Hallyu star JKS’s 2016 had been very meaningful as he steps into his 30s.

Korean fans has been looking forward to his comeback, and in 2016, JKS has been active in many activities. He showed his exciting acting in SBS drama ‘Daebak’, entertaining emcee skills in MNET’s ‘Produce 101’ and the rarely seen ‘guy-next-door’ in tvN’s ‘My Ear’s Candy’.

“Choosing the right emcee with the right calibre, that person is non other than JKS” words from the Director of Produce 101 has been proven that the performance from the girls and JKS is irreplaceable.

In ‘My Ear’s Candy’ the lonely confession of “I have alot of contacts in my phone book, but my phone never rings”, in the programme, he showed that he’s used to cooking ramyeon alone, a ‘guy-next-door’ side which have not been seen before, successfully showing viewers his sincere side.
Among all these, the most outstanding works would be his performance in ‘Daebak’, although his role is that of the King’s son, Daegil, but living the life of a peasant, he would be in a fight for the throne with his brother, a role by YJG. As peasant Gaedong, he would go through a tough journey to become Warrior Baek Daegil, during which showed his excellent acting skills.

“I’m already 30, so I would like to show viewers a more matured and straightforward acting” JKS once promised. To show his vengeance as Daegil, he shouted with all his energy, chewing a mud crab, fell into the dump pit…and with all these he has broke his limits as just being a flower-image boy.

Especially when he sent a live snake into his mouth, one of the main highlights of the drama. For that, people has commented him as Leonardo Di Caprio in The Revenant where he chewed the raw liver of a wild ox. It is at the level where Leonardo strives at, getting an Oscars with that work. Will JKS get an award with his performance in ‘Daebak’? Everyone is looking forward to it.

JKS will be hosting the SBS Drama Awards on 31 Dec 9pm. From acting to variety, JKS has been kept busy up till the very last day. Will he have a great closure to the year with an award? We are all looking forward to it.

[photo] provided by SBS, ‘Daebak’ screenshots

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