14 thoughts on “[ENG-SUB] PON!_20161219”

  1. Sis is this a Christmas gift for us?
    ?? Thanks for the subs..
    Merry Christmas to all members of ECI n to all eels here.. n to my Prince❤ ???

  2. Waaaahh I loved his HAHAHAHA..?
    How come he can give such cute replies!!!??
    Omo he was super cute when he was pretending to sleep when the program started.. thanks for the subs which made us clearly understand our Genius PRINCE??

  3. And honestly I love all Japanese programs on Sukkie.. They love him heartily, the Love that this awesome man deserves.. The hosts praised every little things of Prince just like we all do, right??
    In short I m very very happy that he got huge popularity in Japan more than Korea..??

  4. morning,thx for the English sub ,very good programme why our Prince looks a bit shine but he is really handsome when he look at the video of 2011 when he first came to Japan keep on saying ‘very young ‘, come on ! you are still very young ,may be a bit mature and you did accomplished a lot during the past 5 years . We all eels love you and support you unconditionally , fighting, Zikzin have a prosperous 2017 , Happy New Year everyone ?❤????


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