16 thoughts on “[Fan Account] Lee’s very intense fan account for 2016 TEAM H PARTY Tokyo Yoyogi 2 days”

  1. So its a must must to visit Jks concert live..
    I really have earn a lot fast n save a lot also.. ?????

    And the last resort song.. I heard this song last month only n I also downloaded the fan made.. live thus song very much..??
    Although I don’t like men who behave so wild but suk doing all these make me leave everything else in this world n watch only n only him..
    Waaaahh really regretting for not being able to attend all of his fabulous concerts till date..?

    • Big difference between his solo and Team H kkkk. Team H – he is hard to follow as he is all over the stage…kkk and very high energy..all the eels and JKS!!

  2. Ur FA was great sis..
    First of all I love the description about Sukkie’s figure n clothes that eels always do in their FAs..?
    And each n every line describing ur love for Sukkie makes me fall in love with him more n more..
    Thanks for a beautiful FA with us..?

    • Thank you so much for enjoying it. It is very intense. I didn’t expect very many people to like it. But thank you for saying it is beautiful. He is the beautiful one.

  3. Tenshi Sis, will there b DVD for the 2nd day?? After hearing so many updates about the Tokyo party I really want to buy one.. Everyone is saying Suk semed the happiest in the last party..
    Hope it will b out..


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