[Pics] Daegil from ‘Daebak’ episode 22

Credit: SBSNOW twitter


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6 thoughts on “[Pics] Daegil from ‘Daebak’ episode 22”

  1. Finished ep 22 just.. I couldn’t understand a bit but enjoyed to the fullest.. Injwaaa, you are finished!! And good to see beautiful park shin hye soon after <3 sukkie <3.. Still having hopes for YAB season 2..

  2. Wow, the King and Dae Gil certainly do look mature and handsome with facial hair. And you can practically feel the intensity of the situation emanating from the screen. The Crown Prince is adorable! Only 2 Episodes left, how I wish there could be more!!

  3. I’m not mad at the mustache. It’s a different look for Prince Jang. I still prefer him clean shaven his features are too handsome to hide behind facial hair.

  4. The beard and mustache suits him.. So gorgeously manly!! I think I’ll have sepanx (separation Anxiety) with Daebak coming to the end.. :'(


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