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  1. thanks for sharing and translating!!
    im really happy since you translate a lot of stuff for our(eel’s) benefit..
    keep it dear!! <3

    • I’m happy that at least someone else besides myself gets to read the translations!
      at least my efforts are not wasted 🙂

      but just curious, does this fan account affect your understanding of JKS in any way?

      • thks for translating!!

        this fan account does give me a glimpse of jks as a person who is also a celebrity. i always love his bright smile and his waving and interaction with the fans. but i now do see a star who also wants to have some private time away from the constant public glare.

        his attempts to escape from fans trailing his every move is done as a joke/prank, but they are serious attempts to ‘run away’ – bye, cri!

        and the report on his drunk state – i too have the same feeling as the fan; i don’t feel gd abt it. hope he doesn’t drink so much as it can have consequences on his health and state of mind. i wish his cheerful persona is a genuine one and wish him all the happiness in the world.

        but i still love jks! and i want to see him happy and healthy all his life!

      • the recount of JKS’ drunken state also troubled me for a few days while I was translating this …..

        well, i think and hope that it’s not every day that JKS goes dead drunk….. i’m equally concerned about his health, so hope that his drinking is moderate.

        i have no problem with JKS being a fun-loving guy who gets drunk, and i’m praying hard that he’s not drinking due to stress or other problems …

      • definitely stunned! but as I previously commented on other blogsite that JKS seems overwhelmed and occupied with his immense popularity that no longer finds his own personal privacy and happiness…a common dilemma face by most superstar celebrities…I sincerely hope that he has inner peace and balance within…love JGS4life…

    • i think fans or fanclubs in China are super organised. they have a history of “pursuing” celebrities; sometimes a really popular celebrity can have more than 10 coaches pursuing behind. China is a big country; one definitely needs cars or coaches to get around. Besides hiring “professional” car or bus teams, the network of information among the fans is also amazing, and sometimes the company or agent can deliberately throw out misleading information to shake off the fans… then it becomes a political dance of wits to see who can last till the end 🙂

  2. i guess, when we love a celebrity, we have to love him fully no matter what..but I do understand that since JKS is young, he just wanna enjoy his life!!im just glad, he didnt trapped like most of the celebrities in a circumstance and have wonderful managers to take care of him..

    However, i have to admit that the drunken situation actually affect me and i just want to see him as prince charming!(note: i refuse to see again the lounge H pics since i dont want to see his other side). After reading a lot of stuffs about him, i kinda dont want to know about his personal life..it might too much for me to ask, but i do hope fans didnt write this things in their fan account!!let it be secret between Sukkie and the fans involved..

    Actually, being a celebrity is tough job..I always remember Princess Diana’s tragedy whenever heard celebrity chased by fans.I hope fans will give space to celebrity (not only JKS) to enjoy their private time and not so eager to chase them..

    I just love JKS so much and didnt even once regret being his fan..Wishing him all the best in future undertaking and hope he will have a GF soon..Let him enjoy his love life also..<3<3<3

    p/s: this is just my opinion.please dont get angry with me if didnt like my opinion.
    thanks aphrael77 for the fan account translation..keep it up your good work dear..<3 you too..

  3. thanks for sharing this..
    i love reading articles about JKS..
    i’m praying that God may give him peaceful mind and heart as he journey through his life..
    i’ll be his fan forever..
    God bless you too aphrael77!!!

  4. Am I the only one a little…disturbed by this account? Do people really follow the stars around for days and hire cars to?? That’s a lot of dedication and determination. Not to be rude but he doesn’t sound happy about it….

    • just my humble opinion, i agree he’s not happy about fans following him, but i think he’s not unhappy about it ALL the time. as a star, he does enjoy the adoration to some extent, and perhaps accept the situation. Not sure about the West, but it happens in Asia – it’s a testament to his popularity. just look at his Bangkok trip! But, i suppose sometimes he really wants a break.

      you’re not the only one, there’s a minority of fans who won’t do the tailing and believe in giving the guy his personal space.
      the majority of fans are rational enough, but they want to see JKS so much that they will still tail him despite knowing he needs a break, cos it’s not every day that he is in China.

      • yup, i do agree with you that JKS is ok with fans following him except his private time.
        I came to one point: this is the price celebrity have to pay (freedom) for their fame!!
        haha..nice to know and read all the eels concern here..cheers people!!

      • i think jks enjoys the attention of his fans; it’s just that sometimes, he needs some personal space to breathe and to be truly himself. and that’s when he wants his fans to stop following him and give him a break.

        he’s always very generous in his interactions with his fans (some stars just whisk by, looking at the floor while jks always smiles and waves/blows kisses :D) and he makes sure that his fans get to see him as much as possible, and as near as possible, when he’s visiting a country. that’s why i understand his reaction when he signals that he needs some private time and yet some fans still trail him 24/7.

        but however much we, fans, love jks, he needs a girlfriend!! all our love cannot equate the personal love of one true gf. and he needs someone to love and share his life with! i wd love to see him lovey dovey with a female actress i like. 😀 but really, whoever he chooses, i’ll be fine with her.

    • I guess I’m the minority here. I think that there’s a time and place for everything. The reason that stars have fan meetings is so fans can fulfill their fantasy of meeting them. I even think that seeing them off at the airport is somewhat ok/understandable. But hiring a driver and following them around for days at a time is a bit….??? I’m probably offending all sorts of people here but that’s my honest opinion.

  5. Thanks for this fan account.I really love JKS and love him even more though this fan account.poor Oppa.fans followed him non stop.He must be stressed.Pressure from works,anti fans and fans…no wonder he drink a lot.I heard that he smoke also.These habit are not good for health.Hope he can quit these habits.

    • yup, i hope he can quit these habits too…. really, the amount of stress JKS is under must be a lot, really empathise with JKS… hope the guy finds a healthy way to release stress!

  6. After reading everyone’s comment, I’m happy to see that people seem to have a more mature approach here.

    I’m really happy for JGS, he really does deserve all the love he’s getting, but sometime it’s just crazy.

    About the drinking/partying/smoking etc well the guy is acting his age, he’s in his 20s, I’m not saying it’s good, just he has all the time to mature! What saddens me is that he seems lonely, if the guy were to have a girlfriend I have the feeling it would cause such an uproar! I don’t mind people who have a fav “JGS” pairing, I’m guilty myself of wanting JGS to date one of his ex-partner (won’t tell who lol) but getting angry because he’d chose another girl? that’s messed up.

    I really wish fans would take time to think about some consequences (Im’ thinking Bitney Spears lol) and be less selfish.

    • u know, although some fans may really be upset if JKS finds a girlfriend, i think the situation may not be so bad.

      JKS does have a lot of “ahjumma” fans in more mature age groups; a lot of them are married, with children, and all they want is for JKS to be happy.
      the general feeling i get from the Chinese eels at Baidusukbar is, they want JKS to find happiness (well, it should apply to getting a girlfriend), so there may be a bit of an uproar but it may not lead to a mass exodus of eels 🙂

      there is more speculation about who is likely to be his girlfriend, given the guy has high ideals for a beautiful girlfriend. Wish him luck in getting a girlfriend soon!

      • Lol I’m definitely in the mature age group, I don’t see myself chasing him around!!

        *crosses fingers to JGS getting a girlfriend so he won’t be lonely anymore at night* lol

    • He’s dating MGY! I already decided. They’re at his place now where they just ate the dinner she cooked. Now he’s watching tv with his head in her lap while she knits him socks to go with the gloves she already made him. I’m not delusional or crazy…I swear!! hahaha

      • im third with this thought..oh, cant enough with geungeun!!
        please do date in real and let us know too..hehe!!JKS <3 MGY forever!!one of official geungeun shipper!!

      • LOL!!!! Lizzy D you’re too funny! And don’t forget that he plays guitar for her too haha

        @JGS we know your secret! Stop hiding!!!

      • ha ha! lovely lovely couple! and she shampoos his hair and conditions them strand by strand!!

        i really really wish he has a real girlfriend. no more lonely nights! let’s fly him to the moon (ah, mgy!!) and make him a happy happy boy!!! 😀

  7. hi all…

    thank you for sharing this to us..
    i love JKS too… and wished that i will have have those experience in the future .. 1.5 M.. wow amazing…

    i just recently like him… after watching He’s beautiful and marry me Mary.
    just curiosity.. why he called his fans… cri? i knew about eel… because he likes to eat eel (cmiiw)..

    ok then…
    hope to communicate more with u guys..
    love u all too…

      • hi aphrael…

        wow.. it’s a fast reply… thank u for that…
        btw… i’m indonesian… do you know another site like you from our country?
        because so far, i found you, the most updated english language site, to keep in track for our JKS… hehehe, besides one I found in FB ..
        will be happy if i can communicate to another eel from my country..

        thank you

      • Explanation of “cri” from cecelia@soompi. It’s been posted at multiple sites. Cut and pasted, not edited by me at all. Still doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me.

        Translation Notes: ‘cri’ is short for ‘critical’
        cri’ is short for ‘critical’
        it is slang used exclusively on dcinside
        it is supposed to be used to emphasise something which is not good
        for example, i failed my exam cri
        however, keun suk doesnt seemm to know the proper usage of this and attaches this to anything he wants to emphasise
        eg “bye cri” and “Thank you cri” etc
        he loves using ‘cri’ and used it at the japan fan meeting, on his interview on the kbs entertainment news
        many ppl on dc have tried to write posts to show him the proper usage but either he didnt see or he doesnt really care
        so the recent trend is taht ppl is just using ‘cri’ a bit lilke how he is – it’s not the way it’s supposed to be but the yb and geun gall are sort of following him lol

  8. yes “cri” means critical and it is usually emphasize something not good but there’s another meaning of it in possitive way which i believe he used it because of this.. (critical = essential: absolutely necessary for the success of something; ex. Their support is critical to our campaign; synonyms to significant) this meaning was from encarta dictionaries..

    It’s true that eels is essential to JKS success… 🙂


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