[fan-made Video] Introduction to non-eels how Jang Keun Suk & Eels are special

Before I introduced Egyptian Eels’s way to celebrate his birthday on Various ways to celebrate JKS birthday from eels over the world. This time they did another fantastic job! I share a message about their project from an admin of Egyptian Eels Club, Marwa below. But first of all, I want to share a great introduction video to non-eels (those who don’t know JKS and his special relationship between eels) made by Aya A. It must be very useful globally ^^

Credit: Egyptian Eels Club, made by Aya A

A message from Marwa, admin of Egyptian Eels Club; from ECI

Friends let me tell you about our great meeting in Egypt to promote JKS and Support him^^
Jang Keun Suk clauses’ report in Talla Re Party (under the name of We Are Different ‪#‎1stkpopstoreinegypt‬) (5/9/2015)
**The clauses included 5 k pop bands + JKS
*This was a big step for our team Egyptian Eels Club to prove our name, we participated in another projects befor under the name of JKS (DTTH MV, KISSES PRINT PRO., JKS BIRTHDAY PARTY 2015) but this one was the most important one.
*to prepare this clause we were under pressure, worrines, and toke a short time to prepare and finish such a big project(about 1 month) as we represent JKS name in Egypt.
*The main team who participated was (Marwa, Aysel, Malak the main responsible for Egyptian Eels and Aya who made the most videos ) it was a great and enjoyable team work. The videos that we had present were not from YT we toke them from DVDs. So, we are very sorry to not give any one those videos.
*There were other videos that we made them by ourselves (translating, merging..etc.)
1- Introduction video:
JKS is well known here as an actor but not singer and has also a band (Team H) and this what we could show to non Eels. Throw that video a lot of people could understand the real, great and pursued JKS.
2- SUK-EELS (the one posted above):
Another video we made to show non Eels how much JKS is sensible, warm person how love and take care with his Eels so much.
3- The big mission: Team H
This was the big and hardest one, we wanted to show people a lot of Team H, but because of time we present….
Introduction video about team H
Introduction video about Big Brother
And live shows (Driving to the highway- Getting over, can’t stop) those were from DVD. All people have fun with Team H and asked about their name and songs later, they also saw JKS with other point of view.
4- ‘Solo’ {melody, serenade, sweet home}
People knew how much he has a beautifull sensible romantic great voice and high sensation.
From the end….we showed multi sides of JKS.

‘THANK YOU’for every one came to the party as Eels
Thanks to We Are Different
We are family
Eels for ever??
Zikzin from Egyptian‬ Eels Club

P.S. We made also a birthday party in 14/8/2015. We sang happy birthday in Korean, English, Arabic, and little funy Egyptian style^^

11 thoughts on “[fan-made Video] Introduction to non-eels how Jang Keun Suk & Eels are special”

  1. Great job, Egyptian Eels!:)Thank you for sharing. He has given us so many happy moments. I hope that he knows that.

    Love the introduction video about love story between JKS and eels. So sweet, touching, and made with love.

  2. Thanks ss and Egyptian Eels,
    Really like to watch the vids, Eels always have a good idea for his birthday.
    Proud of Jang Keun Suk and Eels in the world. We are lucky when we can meet Suk.

  3. God bless Jang Keun Suk. He is someone very special to me and I would like to share how..i’m 17 now and last year I had the worst time ever..i was severely depressed and felt like I had hit rock bottom.and I couldn’t share my feelings with anyone.my relation with my family had deteriorated so much..it was as if I had divorced them..i was slowly dying little by little.and the only thing I could do is cry myself to sleep..it reached such a bad condition that I even had thoughts of suicide..due to my introverted nature I couldn’t even share it with friends..and that’s when I found Jang Keun Suk oppa..seeing his smile for some reason gave me hope and made me want to dream..slowly I got to know him and came across his works..during my toughest times his music made me strong..all I did was listen to his songs and his voice gave me strength and I cried hard listening to them.I remember when I first heard let me cry I couldn’t control my tears for some reason..and then I decided that I will share about him to the people around me..and they liked him so much too..through this I’ve found my passion once again..and believe me how much I’ve changed..i’m not introverted anymore and actually have a better relation with my friends and family..I’m even learning to play the guitar now and guess what my first song was love rain..so I would just like to say thankyou Jang Keun Suk for being born and for being yourself cuz you have achieved the greatest thing and that is to touch the soul of a human being and believe me when ur say that’s the biggest achievement possible..finall I known I’m not good with words and is boring but my last message to you is that even if the whole world turns against you..I’ll still support you to the end.may Allah bless you and your family.and once again thank you.and love you and all the eels.

  4. This video made me laugh and made tears come to my eyes! So much love was poured into the making of it – Egyptian eels should be very, very proud of what they created! This is an absolutely perfect introduction to JKS – thank you so very much for sharing it 😀

  5. thanks god..Im sure his positive aura have reached u. ure still young sis..there are many thing u need to learn in this life. dont make ur problem bigger than anything or else u may lose urself. may god bless u always…

    • Thanks so much for your support and prayers .may almighty bless you and your family…thanks for the advice..a kind word can save the world..i can’t explain how I felt reading this..thank you so much again..I’ll remember you forever ❤❤❤


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