9 thoughts on “[Pics] AP Shop Shibuya JKS wall poster”

  1. Wow, Suk, when was the last time I said “Hello” to you? I miss you so much and just now I found some time to look up after you. Please, don’t be upset on me. It’s quite hard for me too. Now it’s my turn to be fully loaded with work. I try to do my best and also not to forget of myself. It’s hard to slow down, but not impossible. My only wish is to withstand this chaos…But seeing your face, your beautiful smile, I know you’re by my side…thank you! I love you!

  2. Cutie Sukkie but a little bit awkward for his age now.

    Must admit can still easily get away with it, though. He is not a Sukkie for nothing after all..

    Loving him unconditionally for who he is …..


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