12 thoughts on “[fan-made MV] Love you till the end vs Jang Keun Suk”

    • Yes, this is simply AWESOME !

      That extremely inspiring Sukkie Effect on his extremely inspired Eels – very impressive!!

      Let me just mention this thing over and over again on being like Sukkie like his Eels with both posessesing those competitive streaks… They who never cease to come up with something anyone from his very own Sukkieland can always be proud of. Well, how about a dom perignon to that!

      • One more thing i almost forgot – Sukkie’s birthday season is truly a lot of exciting FUN!

        Doesnt it feel great that many of his hibernating eels get to resurface and even become more productive and participative these days… getting the best out of every eel out there with anything for Sukkie and Be counted in.

        Sukkie, cant we just celebrate your birthday and Tenshi’s all year long?

    • Its my nth time already watching this film clip – yet still not quite sure then when to stop as i dont think i can get enough of that infectious smile from those tender sweet facial expressions of Sukkie’s…

      Isnt he just incredibly lovely (he’s a male persona for goodness sake). He is all the more so ruggedly gorgeous sleek and elegant roaming around the streets of his Budapest Diary with a perfect musical score being played as the background. Sukkie Jang’s physical attributes and natural inner self were impecably captured in this video. Too bad its so fleeting…

      Who made it, Tenshi?? Shes so good – really good… She deserves a big round of applause and appreciation. GO Cri


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