[2015-08-16] oya_jks (Jang Keun Suk official) Instagram

UPDATE: On August 17th, Actor Mr. Jang Keun Suk deleted the Instagram account.

Original source: https://instagram.com/oya_jks/

What’s this? I don’t know what to do with Instagram..
이 뭐 인스타 어찌하는거냐..

Hello suni!!

wanna see more?? follow me—!

wanna see more?? follow me—!

look at me! follow me! and smile : )

tenshi_akuma’s note: Please be careful that there are many fake JKS Instagram accounts. Just follow https://instagram.com/oya_jks/^^

14 thoughts on “[2015-08-16] oya_jks (Jang Keun Suk official) Instagram”

  1. im smiling like an idiot checking his IG simply because he wrote in english, hahaha.. i like that he is not a typical celebrity who post best angled picture, work related, etc.. he is never boring, please keep it coming my prince.

  2. It’s sad that Prince is no longer on Instagram 🙁
    We respect his decision. In some way, it is so much fun to get in touch with our prince through his posts. ^_^

  3. To be honest, I expected it would happen… But I was lucky to take the screen-shot image of his Instagram profile. He called himself ‘Actor Mr. Jang’ … 🙂

  4. Already missing the big brother, suni?? With you posed in that manner was a typical Sukkie’s doings no doubt. Oh yes that frisky big brother of yours…:) 🙂

    Eels from all over sure miss him as well. Do you have any idea in one way or another of a potential acting project for him in the offing?

    You see its been a while now as your predictably stubborn hyung is pretty adamant on not doing one unless he feels that the right challenging role he really likes finally comes his way. What if it takes forever.?? What would the multi-talented Actor Jang in him end up with, then? Doesnt he realize its high time he starts giving it some thoughts considering his soon to be inevitable military service admittance? I know his being a smart person is beyond question but he’s chasing time here…

    Can’t you at least for once listen to some healthy advices, Sukkie? Have you forgotten that two heads or more are always better than one? Acting is your passion and one thing i believe you cant do without.

    We merely miss you doing it either in the small or big screen. And didnt you just say you love your precious EELs? 🙂 – ZIKZIN!

  5. im sure he received a script he wanted last year because he did mention in his concert but unfortunately its doesnt happen. I hope this time everything goes well. really miss actor jang.

  6. سلام، سوکی خیلی خوش چهره است؛من انگلیسیم حرفه ای نیست و دست و پا شکسته بلدم آن را، سه فیلم از سوکی دیدم توزیبایی اش جالب بود، یکی گفته سوکی همیشه خندانه، آره بادکنک زردشم داره میخنده، اما، من فکر میکنم اون برعکس خنده هاش خیلی غمگینه! ! ولی امیدوارم واقعا خوشبخت باشه، خیلی سرم شلوغه وگرنه واسش دعاهای خوبی داشتم. حیف بلد نیست فارسی بخونه، تیپاش متفاوته و گاهی یه کم عجیبه، !!فرهنگ سوکیبا ما(ایرانیها) خیلی متفاوته، شاید واسه اینه که برام عجیبه. امیدوارم الکل نخوره واسش ضرر داره سردرد میاره.خداحافظ


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