[Info] How to order JKS stuff from Koari.net (and other Japanese online shops)

As you know, some Jang Keun Suk items are exclusively sold at Koari.net. But they don’t provide oversea shipping services. Today we will share how to order his items from Koari.net ^^ We share the points briefly below, but please see this attached PDF and the each website for the details.
tenshi_akuma’s note: Here’s the list of JKS stuff sold on Koari.net
P.S. Actually it’s not only useful for Koari.net but for other Japanese online shops.

There are 2 methods :
1) FROM JAPAN (FJ): http://www.fromjapan.co.jp/
– FJ is a Proxy website, middleman service to helps to make purchases from japanese websites.
– FJ will help to place your orders from Koari, using FJ’s own account, and will therefore not be able to earn Koari points.
– You will not need your own account with Koari.
– Payment will be directly to FJ.

*Please change the language setting on the top.
*Pro: Only need to deal with Fromjapan; cheaper freight charges (via FedEx)
*Con: No Koari points

2) tenso: http://www.tenso.com/en/
– Tenso provides you with a proxy Japanese address, and will enable you to shop from websites that do not deliver internationally.
– You need to register an account with Koari and place order, then pay directly to Kaori usng credit card.
– When registering with Koari, you will use the address provided by Tenso and your items will be shipped to that address, before it is re-shipped to you.
– Tenso.com will email you once they received the parcel from koari.net. You will need to pay additionally tenso.com freight charges before they ship out your parcel.

* The tricky part about signing up with Koari – you need to provide your name in Japanese characters – you can use Google translate to help.
*Pro: You can earn Koari points which you can use to exchange for exclusive photos and videos.
*Con: Only EMS shipping is available; freight charges is slightly higher as compare to FedEx.

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  1. Oh, thank you for this, Tenshi!! 🙂

    I´ll try to follow your instructions and order directly from Koari next time. I´m glad you have explained everything step by step. That was exactly what I needed.^^

    • Zoe, no, it’s not me that made this detailed instruction. She’s a very kind and shy eel from ECI. As I’m living in Japan, I haven’t known these services until recently. I’m happy eels help each other to support him 🙂

      • She has done a great job. Thank you kind shy eel! 🙂 I´ve noticed that eels are like a big family, always ready to share and help each other.

  2. Well, I’ll just go visit South Korea and Japan buying Geunseok’s stuff directly; it just gives me a huge excuse traveling to Far East Asia from NorCal

  3. Hello – I was wondering whether we HAVE to HAVE Koari points to order and buy exclusive dvds or pictures, or can we just buy the exclusive dvds or pics without the Koari points?

    Thank you so much ahead of time fo anyone who can answer!
    and Tenshi thank you so much for posting this valuable information!!

    I am seeing so many interesting JKS things on Koari!

    • Other websites such as Amazon.co.jp offers the discount price. If you don’t order FC edition, no need to order albums at Koari.

  4. Hi to the kind and shy eel, thank you for the detailed information on how to order in Koari for International Eels. This really helped a lot (and not to mention, for the sales of Crishow IV Voyage hahaha) It is undeniably challenging to order in Koari if you do not understand Japanese Language at all waaah (makes me want to learn!!! haha) This is indeed helpful. Thank you once again! Also to Tenshi for publishing this article. All the best! Zikzin <3

  5. Los envíos llegan a Monterrey n.l.México, o solo a los que son mencionados en la publicación…

  6. Is there a way for Koari to make it easy for international fans like me to avail of any JKS merchandise? Also, have a separate English website for international fans. You must consider that JKS have international fans who are willing to pay for international shipping and handling. Unless you want to earn and limit your market within Japan only.

  7. Totally agreed with Arlin dear ,as I have mentioned many times before we international fans really need English sub on all his DVD s and everything .thx for the attentions .Have a good day byebye ❤️?


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