7 thoughts on “[fan-made MV] 꽃이핀다_장근석_2015나눔사진전”

  1. How can a person move you by his look, his smile, his manners, his voice, and his singing. I do not understand a word in the song but I smile and cry with him. What a man!!!

  2. When I stumbled across JKS early this year, one of the things I loved about him was the beauty and emotion in his voice and the wonderful melodies in his songs. This led me to search YouTube for other Korean singers who bring beauty to their music – something I’m having difficulty finding in the US – and I did find other Korean artists whose songs have given me a lot of pleasure.

    Thank you for introducing me to yet another Korean singer with a really lovely voice. Also, thanks so very much to all of the eels from countries all around the world who have used their favorite songs as backgrounds to their videos. I’ve been enjoying every single video, and hearing beautiful music from your home countries has been a wonderful treat for me! The fact that I don’t understand the lyrics doesn’t bother me at all because the songs you’re choosing convey so much emotion even without the words; it’s almost as if I can enjoy the songs more because the words don’t get in the way 🙂


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