24 thoughts on “[2015-08-11] Jang Keun Suk LINE”

  1. yes he sure did it again at LINE.. very sneaky our prince jks. hopefully by next year we can all know what he says on hia website.. we are his eels too..so its just fair to know what our King of Eels says right tenshi?

    • April,

      To be able to access the Korean Official Fan Club, we have to be members – and membership is at a nominal fees (US$30 I think)
      Membership is valid for a year from 1 Jan to 31 Dec.
      Renewal/New membership application should start around Nov period.
      So do look out for guide on how to apply here at around that time.

      Payment of membership fees is by Paypal – so do get your Paypal account ready, as I believe it takes a while to set up the Paypal account in certain countries.

      Once we get access to the Korean OFC, it is pretty easy to navigate around. Just need to play around with the ofc website
      And the good news is, we;ll get to access and see every past post ever made – all the way back to 2009.

      • thank you niamki for the info. yes i will wait patiently for that time when i will officially be a member of prince jks ofc.. ^_^

    • Suk used to openly communicate with his eels via tweeter and line.
      But he had negative publicity from these open posts.
      So to protect himself and his eels, he has now chosen to communicate only through his ofc.
      Not a choice he prefers I’m sure, as he is STILL a very outright person who I believe wants to show his real self .

      But better this way, then remaining totally silent as he had for a while now.

      So as other eels here have said – bear with it a while until membership opens again.

  2. It’s funny to think. Everytime he sent a message to LINE to go on his site, I’m on hurry to get online.hahaha. Hope he do it everyday. ^_^
    But it’s quite sad that some of our eels who are not member can’t read his message :(. Be patient eels, just wait a little to join on his OFC. Be ready to join.

  3. Are his messages posted in Korean? Would non-Korean speakers be able to read/understand them? Besides, I know that Tenshi always will let us know what’s going on – even if it’s a little late. But – I still want to try to join his OFC, even if I don’t know how to read what he’s writing! It’s just so much fun trying to keep up with this guy 🙂

    • You should try to join..and just like here, there are also eelsangels who will translate some if not all of the posts

      I love Birthday carnival…he is as usual unpredictabel…likes to surprise his eels as we like to surprise him too.
      Makes our poor eel’s heart dugun dugun everytime

    • Cmroma

      The posts in Korean ofc are in Korean. But there will be eels who would help to translate into Chinese, English and other languages.

    • There aren´t just his messages, Cmroma. We can see videos and pictures you can´t see other places. And you can buy concerts tickets and DVD´s. (Team H in Seoul DVD for example was sold trough the fan club. And it has english subs.) Important messages from CriJ and TreeJ are usually in english too.

      Sukkie recommends us movies and songs he likes. Sometimes there are events when you can win something. I won a “white day”-candy with his message and sign in February. I can´t explain how happy I was when I discovered that I won it, and than when I got it home in a big box all the way from Korea. And I supposed to be an adult person. Lol

      It´s not that something happens every day like it has been these last days. But it´s a lot of fun, and of´course a special bond with JKS.

    • He went shopping at Walmart and bought yummy meat and veggies to grill!! And also so liquid spirits!! Shows picture of him grilling yummy food and him enjoying his free time!! Talks about slowing down on alcohol a little too, I think!

      • Not slowing down on alcohol so much as drinking more wine and less grain alcohol, I believe. That is what I got out of the translation. And in answer to some one else’s question ? All messages can be translated but translations are not like tenshi’s , so some meaning is lost. Hope this helps.

  4. Anyone know when membership will open up again? And will there be any help to navigate the system, especially the pop-up windows?

  5. All of you eels are so nice!! Is his birthday month always this crazy (this is my first experience with his birthday)? This is really fun!!!
    From what you’re saying, it seems like only a limited number of new eels are allowed to join each year – is that correct? I hope I have misunderstood this, because I certainly will be disappointed if all of us new eels aren’t able to become full-fledged members of his/your family. 🙁

    • Normally on his birthday months – From 4th August to 26 September (but celebrations earlier this year) there will be more activities. And he tends to be more active with sharing some info.

      But he’s very unpredictable – sometimes he remains silent for long periods, then burst out with continuous tweets/lines/posts.
      We never know when he will start, and when he will disappear again.
      So we enjoy it while it lasts.

      There is no limit on number of eels to join the Korean Fan Club.
      The only problem is – application for the FC is open only during a very short period – about 2 weeks.
      And so application and payment of membership fees have to be paid during that period of time.
      Once the application period is over – will have a wait a whole year before we can apply again.


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