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  1. I’m a little shocked…..did he sidetracked a little? I’m a new eel and I don’t really like him there……sorry eels, but don’t take me wrong, I still love our beautiful man.

    • JKS has many sides, he is all in one and I love all of the JKS that is in him, little by little you will see that that makes it more fascinating. Hugs!

      A Peel 😉

    • Just in case you’re wondering what “Peel” means… it stands for Pervetic Eels. I’m curious though, how old are you Arcely?

      • Lol…Eels world needs a dictionary. I thought it was a typo the first time Tenshi wrote it. 😀

        It´s just made of seconds from different performances, Arcely. Many of them are in slow motion to give stronger impression. It´s just how the video is made.

        I think I´m an LE-eel. Hehe… Love Everything about him. 😉

      • Errmmm… I call it Sukkie’s Dickie (no pun intended, just plain fun). This naughty Ahjumma surfaces every once in a while kkk!!

      • Farina!!!

        You are not able to throw the entire Suktionary at all the new baby eels here are you!!!!!!

        Naughty Peely Ahjumma!


        And here I was cautioning Gentle Giant (who by the way has not appeared here yet) to be nice and not scare all the new baby eels away)

    • Arcely, I’m about your age too kkkk!!! In fact I just visited San Francisco in April. If I had known you then, we could have met up! Welcome to eels world!

  2. Hi Arcely Paredes,

    When you say you are a new eel – exactly how new? lol
    Cos I think you must be really very new – a brand new baby eel.

    Suk – after 4.5 years of being an eel, I’ve given up trying to describe him.
    It’s impossible. The longer you know him, the more difficult the task.

    What I can tell you is that there are so many many different sides to him.
    Crazy, funny, serious, playful, emotional, sensitive, cute, innocent as a 3-year old, mature beyond his years, hardworking, high EQ, impulsive – and never forgetting super super sexy!

    He can turn within a split second from being serious emotional sensitive, to super hyper, crazy, funny – just like that.

    He has many amazing qualities that a single human being shouldn’t have at one go.
    He also has habits that make all his eels shake their heads with despair – he smokes, love to drink and party, loves expensive fast cars……. the list goes on.

    Yet despite all these – and in fact for me, BECAUSE OF all these weakness – eels love him all the more.

    What I’m actually trying to tell you in a very long-winded way is this :
    He didn’t sidetrack.
    That’s him – the real him
    But only a part of him
    There are so many other parts of him – some we love more than others.

    The good news for you (and very bad news for some older naughtier eels – own up you gals) – that crazy provocative part of him, we only got to see during his Team H parties (shows) in 2013.

    Fortunately (unfortunately for Peels) during his 2014 Team H parties – he toned down a lot – sigh….. A LOT!

    So……… do stay on a while longer as an eel – to discover more of what I’ve just described
    Hopefully, you’ll either learn to love that side of him as well, if not, at least understand why he does what he does when he does.

    • Niamki, thank u for your reply.

      I’m a 3 month old baby eel, lol. I came across our Sukkie not by accident but by means of serendipity. I’m a believer in things happening not by accident but by synchronization and serendipity. One day (while visiting YouTube) I saw this beautiful man with a WONDERFUL voice singing WHAT SHOULD I DO. THAT VERY MOMENT HE GRASPED AND CAPTURED MY MIND, MY HEART AND MY GUT ! Since then I started watching his movies, his dramas, his interviews and so on. I know that 3 months is not enough to know our dear Sukkie and I hope nobody has misunderstood my previous comment. I’m nobody to pass judgement on anybody, but you see, my reaction to that video was because I had seen one of his old interviews where he says he wanted to be the first one to be big at something, to prove himself and to do something different, so it was kind of an uneasy moment for me when I saw that FV and I compared it to what he’s said before. He has lived his life feverishly, like he says in one of his new songs and he has every right to do as he pleases.

      Now in this moment of his life (I think ) he’s going through a transformation, which only will make wiser and more powerful (I have seen a vision of this) he said in one of his interviews to forget the image of JKS, that he will create a new one. And HES SUCCEEDING at this because I was at awe when I saw MONOCHROME CRI 3 Show. I have no words to describe what I feel every time I see the show. I understand how you eels feel at the sight of that because he’s just AWESOME, such an elegant show!

      I also understand from a lot of comments that I’ve read from his eels that he has been through a lot of obstacles and even maybe he has not achieved all the things he wanted because of the people who made it difficult for him, but it doesn’t mean they are lost, they have only been postponed. His enemies have underestimated him and thrown stones at him, what they don’t know is that all those stones he’s been gathering he’s used them all to build his castle and his fortress. I’m very happy to have found him and make him a part of my everyday life and to find such wonderful eels that have been through so much with him and love him.

      Thank u for letting me be part if this wonderful life experience with our beautiful prince Jang KeunSuk!

      • And let me add one more thing, I have already cried with u guys when I first listened to monochrome and saw monochrome CRI show. 🙂 WITHOUT WORDS.

      • hahaha Summer

        I’ve always said being an eel and following Suk is a heart-stopping adrenaline-high roller coaster ride.
        And you have no idea what a roller coaster ride you are in for!

        Get ready – he’s about to start the rides again soon!

      • Arcely,

        Suk goes through transformation THROUGHOUT his life.
        He never stops – not even for a moment.
        He seems to always come up with new things, take new directions – never in the manner we expect.
        Always improving, but yet retaining most of the traits we so love about him.

        While is why its a never-ending roller coaster ride with this boy of ours (I’m hitting 50 pretty soon too!)

        And the way you discovered him – its really quite unique.
        Most of us got to know him through his dramas.
        And got caught in his trap by googling him in youtube.

      • Aracely I cried when I read your post. I have seen myself in your words. I am a ahjumma eel from Havana.

  3. Niamki, for new eels like Arcely (and myself), what you wrote is really helpful. New eels mostly only have seen him in his more current toned down version. The first time I saw him smoke, I almost had a heart attack, I was so shocked! I now get it that he’s a real person, and he’s insisting on being true to who he is, instead of who the public envisions how they’d like him to be. Yes, I worry about the smoking and drinking, and hope he’ll get that craziness out of his system sooner rather than later. But I’m inspired by how he throws 1000% of himself into EVERYTHING he does! When he’s sexy, he’s super sizzling sexy; when he’s adorable, he makes grannies want to marry off their granddaughters to him; when he’s mischievious (my favorite), he makes the sun dance in the sky! And I’m thinking that the more serious JKS I see in CriShow3 is simply him becoming more maturely thoughtful as he gets closer to his 30s. Yep, he’s a complex guy, and although I worry a bit about some of his behavior, I really, really admire how he refuses to allow himself to be pigeon-holed into a sanitized version of himself.

    • Cmroma

      errrrrr…………Suk……..is never what eels expect – new or otherwise.
      Even seasoned, older eels like me, still get taken by surprise by the stuff he comes up with (some more pleasant than others)

      But that is the whole appeal of our crazy Prince.
      Yes – crazy. He is crazy.
      But in such a wonderfully lovable crazy way – and we don’t want him to ever lose that crazy (yet childlike innocent) streak in him.

      He still smokes and drinks – but in a more measured toned down manner – I think.
      But drinking and smoking on stage – is or rather was, part of his performance last year in Zepp/Proposal FM when he performed Save Me/Turn Off.

      And he drove all of us wild when he did that – or me and those around me at least.
      It was the most sexy thing I ever saw him do on stage.

      Having said all that, Suk is one of the most matured, grounded, wise-beyond-his-years young man I’ve ever come across.
      And that was when I first “discovered” him when he was at the ripe old age of 23.
      The things he said – amazed me, not just because he was only 23 then – most people double, triple his age would never be able to achieve that maturity level or that thought process ability.

      Me included.

      He has just finished his CriShow 3 tour in June.
      He is having a concert in Seoul on 5 Sept – we thought it was CS3 in Seoul, but now it seems it may not be.
      We will have to wait and see if it is a slightly different version of CS3 – or an entirely different concept altogether.

      So he may surprise or shock us totally again by turning the tables on us after CS3.

      Team H on the hand………..sigh……..I will leave that topic for another discussion another day.
      All I can say now is – I hate it that I love Team H so much.

      • Niamki, I know what you mean about Team H! I have zero interest in that type of electronic music – it isn’t melodic. But don’t you know that now I’ve bought all of the Team H CDs, and their songs are among my favorite songs to listen to on my MP3 player when I go for walks to get some exercise! I’ve even gotten my husband to ask me if there’s a way to make ‘No Human Smell’ be his ringtone on my phone! And the videos of ‘Raining On the Dancefloor’. – aaahhhhh……..

      • Whatever it is he plans on 5 September I hope it will be available on DVD. It will pinch my pocket but at least it won’t burn a hole kkk!!!

      • Cmroma

        Team H music??? What music?
        kkkkk just kidding.

        Let’s just say that for most eels (or rather Peels), what we are paying more attention to is not the music.
        It is more the “visual” effects that has us all captivated – there have been many many jaw-dropping, nosebleeding, heart-stopping moments during his Team H parties (he doesn’t call them shows but parties).

        Especially during his 2013 parties.

        Raining on the Dancefloor – his performance for that song itself – that was the most mind-blowing performance I’ve ever seen him in. Without fail, all present live would have screamed themselves hoarse during the fountain part

      • Farina,

        Of course there will be a DVD for the 5 Sept Korean concert.
        And with English subs.
        Why do you think my pocket is forever screaming?!

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