7 thoughts on “[Pics-1] JKS visited 2015 JKS birthday sharing photo exhibition in Seoul_20150801”

  1. Bingo!!! So nice of Sukkie to go drop by in this great birthday event of his – such a great moving gesture for his Eels Family…

    Certainly living to his words who has always talked about that thing “Principle of Balance”.
    Being grounded and constantly knowing how to give back as much as what he gets from the fans…

    You are a rarity nowadays Sukkie… Gush your Eels miss you so much!!!

    • Congratulations to all Eels out there! Another worthy work done – ZIKZIN indeed!

      Lucky you guys who were around when Sukkie surprisingly and suddenly showed up. That must be really really one awesome and great fine day for all of you. Every single effort paid off.

      Sukkie is one lucky star with so much blessings to be grateful for…

      • hi Zoe, how did you come to know so quickly of his personal appearance here. You already mentioned it on one of your yesterday’s comments. Im really impressed

      • Pics of his appearance at the photo exhibition were shared and circulated on the Internet. I was waiting for good pics to post here. So there is a time gap 😉

      • Ah okay got it – I love you Tenshi!!!

        You really love Sukkie very much :). When it comes to him, you will never ever just settle for anything less… Everything has to be in its excellent form – be it for the dear Prince or the Eels themselves for that matter.

        And you know what i have a feeling Sukkie is fast regaining his popularity these days. Im not exactly into social media but everytime i google his name, the number of his following or those browsing is steadily increasing each day (hugely mind you). I have my own little share of Sukkie monitoring input you see…

        And thats how much i myself love Sukkie Jang 🙂 🙂 🙂

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