[fan-art] Eve Yap’s version ‘Little Prince’

Credits: Eve Yap from ECI

Eve’s comment:
Been wanting to do a chibi of Suk … but instead its more like trying to visualize him in child mode .. its pretty interesting and challenging as not to make it look like a caricature instead . Hope u gals like it .. my ‘Little prince’.
tenshi_akuma’s note: Many of you here have already known our talented eel friend, Eve Yap. She can draw various kind of Suk and this is her latest one. I like this little prince Suk so much. If you’re interested in her other works, Please click this link.

13 thoughts on “[fan-art] Eve Yap’s version ‘Little Prince’”

  1. I love how his expression shows both sweetness and curiosity – it makes me want to know more about this little fellow 🙂 You’re really are talented, Eve – and thanks for posting, Tenshi!

  2. Wow Fantastic!!! You guys are really amazing. It just goes to prove that Sukkie’s talented Eels certainly take after their Boss – ingenuity is the name of the game or better yet it truly runs in the family…. Like Sukkie like his very enterprising Eels…

    Congratulations Eve! Keep up the good work – Zikzin!!!

    More great future recognitions to come 🙂

  3. That was fantastic artwork. She is talented as like our dear JKS. Prince probably loves this artwork. Why don’t she send it to JKS’ birthday as a gift? ^_^


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