[Pic] JKS with friends_20141102

This was taken on November 2nd, 2014 at Saitama super arena for TEAM H Party. It’s a bit old photo, but still we’re happy to be shared by his friend.

Original source: pleasuredome__hirai Instagram
Jang Keunsuk & UFC Fighter. Yoshihiro”SEXYAMA”
Saitama Super Arena back stage.
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4 thoughts on “[Pic] JKS with friends_20141102”

  1. I keep thinking of him as a very young fellow because of his sweet face, but when I see photos of him with his friends, it reminds me that he’s a grown up man. As a fan, I wish we could keep him bouncy and zany like he was in YAB. But also as a fan, I want to see him continue to grow into his full potential and be happy with his personal accomplishments. Going forward is the only constructive direction for all of us – so Zikzin!

  2. How cute you are Keun Suk …! Slim,tall,cheerful and etc… You’re more than beautiful… Awesome! I watch your series and films all day. Now I’ll start to learn Korean language. I wanna speak in your mother langue. Saranghae so much ! xx

  3. Tenshi, any signs of him acting in new Korean Dramas. Waiting for his next drama or movie. He’s almost 28 years old and need to go for National Service soon. Think – there’s no chance of seeing him acting in drama before this. Miss him in his films especially You’re beautiful and Mary, marry me – thrills me watching him acting in those dramas. Anyway, thank you so much for being so faithful and always on-going. Keep it up! God bless!


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