7 thoughts on “[2015-07-14] Jang Keun Suk Weibo”

  1. Don’t we smell something being cooked up in ther air here, Sukkie? Feelers are starting to surface one by one – a much anticipated welcome treat for every Eel out there. What’s the plan..

    And it’s almost your birthday???

  2. hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. how r u.today also once again i watched you are beautiful,that much we are missing you.u will always sooo adorable,cute,handsome,and you are having a spectacular personality which is loved by everyone.and i am from india. you know one more thing ur having a lot of fans here.counting on u, so come soon with best.

  3. “Driving to the highway” album was released on this day one year ago. And BM Festival was in July too. Miss that time. Hope we will hear something about his plans soon. Looks like he won’t be on Zushi Festival this year. I can’t be there, but I would love to see new photos and videos. 🙂 Is it still possible that he will be there? Do you know that, Tenshi?

      • Hi Zoe, how are you? I miss your usual chatty JKS update narration… So each and everyone seems to be getting restless missing the Boss Prince who has been out of touch for the entire month until these recent posts finally came out. Is this a normal thing with him? Has it also happened in the past?

        Some are even starting to worry about him already…….. Anyone can just but wonder what he’s really up to these days apart from his graduate school studies. You know what – the way i see it, Sukkie is not that inclined for a drama or movie in the near future. In as much as we love to see him back on the screen showcasing his acting ability he is so into his music and ovbiously enjoying every bit of it. Singing and dancing on the stage live right there infront of his EELs.

        Well its a mere observation and hoping it to be just one false presumption. Lets just wait and see and be solid supporting him in whatever he decides – career wise. He needs his EELs to trust him as he wont ever ever fail his very supportive fans on purpose. Isnt his signature song ” I Will Promise You “? A song im sure perfectly meant for his dear EELs…..

        Hi Tenshi and Team! Best

      • Thanks for the reply, Tenshi. I was a little bit impatient. 🙂

        Hi, Baby! Thanks! 🙂 Hope everything goes well with you. I’ve been busy lately, but I ‘ve checked news about Sukkie every day. Yes, he has periodes when he is quiet. Don’t worry. He needs some time off sometimes. And now he is probably working on some projects we will see later. He is an actor, a good one, so i think he will go back to acting when he finds a project he wants to be a part of. Whatever he chooses to do is fine for me. He is always amazing in everything he does. 🙂

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