[article] Jang Keun Suk’s ‘THE CRI SHOW III’ ended! We analyze the reason why ‘CRI SHOW’ is so special.

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‘2015 JANG KEUN SUK THE CRI SHOW III’ ended finally and successfully at Nippon Budokan, Tokyo held on June 2nd and 3rd.

Impressive stages of ‘THE CRI SHOW III’ filled with JKS’ sensibility that has grown as a musician took place in Osaka, Niigata, Fukuoka, Okayama, Shizuoka, Sapporo, Kobe and Tokyo; 8 cities and 16 stages in total. JKS’ marathon tour ended successfully.

Especially about Budokan performance, where he appeared on the stage as drama ‘Mary me marry’ fan meeting in 2011 and as TEAM H concert in 2013, it was his first solo appearance. That’s why the stage looked so special to him.

After the show, JKS said to fans as follows. ‘From CRI SHOW I to III, 5 years passed. A long journey. I thank my fans and staff who have believed in me and stayed on my side till now. An end means another beginning. Let’t keep going together till CRI SHOW 10!’ His fans responded to him with a rousing cheer. He was warmly welcomed by his staff when he walked down from the final stage and exchanged words of thanks each other. They expressed their love and support for each other.

This tour was very special to fans as the unique staging and set list that expressed JKS’ analog sensibility conveyed warmth to their hearts. That attracted good reviews. For example, “As if we had been seeing a movie throughout the show, the projection and production were beautiful.” “The dynamic band performance colored his singing.” “From beginning to end, we could feel his mature musical world-view harmonized with fans.” and so on.

Especially ‘CRI SHOW’ tour, which started first as ‘2011 JANG KEUN SUK ARENA TOUR THE CRI SHOW IN JAPAN’, is now established as a tour brand with his talent and passion. And the uniqueness draws attention. Today we’d like to analyze the reason why ‘CRI SHOW’ is so special and the secret here.

1. From planning to production and performance. He produced all by himself with passion, love and effort!
Not only as an actor and a singer, Jang Keun Suk has always been trying in a new area of activity. He produced almost all of his performances such as Asia tour, CRI SHOW tour, ZIKZIN tour, ZIKZIN festival. That’s so unusual. In this ‘CRI SHOW III’ full of his sensibility like his previous shows, we could see his efforts at improving projections and stage designs all around. Above all, even he performed in the same set list, he succeeded to create a totally different show. Many said such his strength must have been gained through a lot of experience he had in previous performances.

2. Not just a concert. It’s like a drama making together with JKS and fans!
JKS’ concerts are not just to give fans various highlights to have fun. Rather, it’s noticeable that he puts ‘mutual understanding’ (communicating each other and breathing together) as the most important thing. He often enjoys conversation with fans to make a deep bond during the shows. Many say they can feel comfort and intimacy to the fullest through his shows. Like this, enhancing the bond between fans who continuously attend his show is a secret of him who keeps leading Korean wave.

3. Jang Keun Suk’s potential is critical. His unique way of living is promising!
‘CRI SHOW’ is derived from a coined word using ‘critical’ made by JKS. As the name of his official fan club is ‘Cri J’, the word ‘Cri’ means a lot to him. His critical charm and potential promise to bring him more success in the future. Like this, JKS who keeps having a big influence on Korean wave market is the center of attention how he does and will do next as a pioneer of new performance culture.

After the CRI SHOW III, we heard a lot of positive feedback from fans. “It was a great show that united Keun-chan and eels! I hope it continues to CRI SHOW 20 as well as CRI SHOW 10!” “Projection and lighting covered the whole venue. That impressed me a great deal.” “As he commented in the end of the show, I won’t forget today’s experience forever! An end means another beginning… I will keep this his words in mind. Let’s keep ZikZin together!” The fever doesn’t seem to go down after the show.

Jang Keun Suk matured again through ‘CRI SHOW III’. What kind of future to be waited for him with his insatiable ZIKZIN energy? We can’t wait to be the witness.

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  1. He is the best ever in korea not bcz of I love him so much, but bcz of I follow k pop news , despite all unkindly votes with his talents and all limitations, he s keeping forward, I hope all his fans believe in him always and know that he is really different person in his filds, I hope korea know his value and high quality in his manner too.Art is mixed with him like soul .
    thanks alot dear for every things♡♥I am with u akways with my whole love to u:) and I should tell u dear sister, thanks alot for ur great works as evry time

    • Jang Keun Suk is amazing…very unique and really brilliant human and artist.
      He looks within himself to expand unlike the other artists who are looking outside to copy and to set root just to export.

      His ideas and feelings are many and overflowing sometimes…he copies non
      This man has not time enough to pour out all there is within him..even with so much limitations and setbacks he is able to do all this…HIM and his trusted staff..
      He has the most wonderful staff..most wonderful people surrounding him. You’ll be a fool to let go of that so I hope they will stay by his side

      I can only wish his own people would be less rancorous/less divided between old and new, rich and poor behaviour, open their eyes and ears and embrace what is really good for them….for JKS has never put his country to shame.
      They keep saying he is *** but he is the most well balanced and truthful artist..one who puts his money where his mouth is……he is the best promotor Korea has..a child of this (new)age..

  2. Thanks Tenshi for the translation despite your hectic life…I appreciate this very very much
    This is such a wonderful report.
    I could only wish to have been there but…there are DVD’s of this tour wich I will surely buy and keep it as a treasure

  3. Thank you so much Tenshi!
    This article provided a deeper insight into the show itself. I was truly blessed to attend CS3 and indeed one thing that truly impressed me a lot was how the lighting and projections covered the whole venue- it was really beautiful, almost liken watching a 3D show.
    “An end means another new beginning” – looking forward to the next new beginning with Sukkie…. And many more to come!

  4. Thanks again, Tenshi 🙂 Not only are these fun to read, but I learn a little more about JKS from each article. He’s an imaginative and creative man, and he also is a self-reflective man who isn’t afraid to share his feelings when he feels it’s appropriate. There’s a lot to admire in a person like this, and so much to look forward to from him.

  5. Im waiting for more cri shows from our handsome prince and hopefully he can also perform someday in the PHILIPPINES because many filipino eels loves him so much and im one of a million.

    im always praying for your safety always my dear prince just stay happy,healthy a

  6. By the way, this original article was published in Korea. There are many good reports about his success of CRI SHOW 3 in Korea as well as in Japan 🙂

    • Thanks for the clarification 🙂
      It’s a heartwarming to hear that ♡♡♡
      Hope he will find a way to re interact with korean entertainment and regain his own status as the best artist ever !

    • Exactly what i was about to ask Tenshi…..I believe it still matters a lot to Sukkie how his own country would react to all the successes and love and tremendous reception he has been getting from Japan all these years….. It’s really really unbelievable!!! And we grow to love Sukkie more each day for that.

      Of course how are you doing our dear Tenshi apart from being a busy body yourself :). Its good to finally hear from you again. Its been a while and i miss this space as well as i have been busy myself. I miss Sukkie a lot!!! I really envy you guys for having all the chances to personally witness his charm and limitless talents.

      Best regards and take care… Go Cri

  7. wow! really, tenshi? could u share with us other articles about cri show 3? it’s nice to know there are people who recognize our prince’s artistic talent
    and write about it in print media…

  8. Thanks so much for the translation despite of your hectic schedule.

    I love “Crishow 3” so much, not only I can see a matured and musician JKS (love the lighting and projections too), I can feel the love and deep bond between JKS and us (eels) throughout the show! I was blessed that I could attend Crishow 3! “An end means another beginning” that I will wait for him to give us more surprises and happiness of a new beginning project!

    I love Suk and miss him so much! Please be yourself and let’s zikzin together to Crishow 20 or more!

  9. I’m waiting for more cri shows from our handsome prince and hopefully he can also perform someday in the indonesia because many indonesia eels loves him so much
    im always praying for your safety always my dear prince just stay happy,healthy a

    I love JKS ,JGS

  10. Thank you so much for this translation. .. I am saving money so that on the next CRI show I will able to watch it… o
    as always Jang Keun Suk never fails to amaze me. He has such an incredible amount of talents in his hands. Good job sukkie.!!!!

  11. Thank you Tenshi for your hard work ^_^. I’ve enjoyed reading this beautiful article. The number of people who recognized JKS’ amazing and endless talents are growing. Still hoping that his country will truly appreciate and embrace his contribution in creating names in the Korean wave world. Wishing him to continue his success of cri show and other projects in many years to come. Always ZIKZIN! ^_^

  12. Thanks Ms Tenshi for all wonderful works,always my wish love to see him acting again he is the best of all the other actor

  13. Just 5 days left, and we who couldn`t attend CS3 in Japan can maybe finally see it.

    It`s true, Cri Shows are not just a concerts. His other concerts are so much more than an ordinary concert too. I always love how he communicates with the audience, teases them, and tells things about himself and his life like a friend. I have only seen it on DVD`s and videos, but I can still feel Sukkies magic through the camera. 😉

    Thank you for the translation, Tenshi. Love the review. Thank you for always keep us updated despite your busy life. 🙂

  14. Thanks Ms Tenshi for this article is nice to know
    I’m Happy to hear that, his hard work is being recognized
    How I wish to be in one of his CRI SHOW
     really he is a wonderful man in every way
    I’m one of the Arabs eels fan From Saudi Arabia he have a lot a lot a lot of Saudi eels and Arab eels
    We love him very much and will support him in every way
    he is always in my prayers i wish him happiness and good health
     Jang Keun Suk
    is amazing artist, he is so Pure, very
    creative,talented,Unique,transparent and gorgeous inside and out he is the best in every thing his presence wonderful and beautiful in every way
    We love you jest the way you are and we will always support no matter what you do, if it right or wrong
    I will support you and defend you in any way I can.
    always love you, always loyal to you and this will never change

  15. Thanks Tenshi for your hard work!
    It was my family’s first Crishow we attended and we enjoyed so much. The Crishow was quite an experience from the other concert I had attended. JKS interactions to his fans is so intimate. It was worth my trip to Japan seeing him and I’m looking forward to the upcoming Crishow.
    To JKS your a true Artist and we’re here to support you. Keep Fighting! I hope you’ll debut here in US soon!

  16. I just wanna cry in happiness reading this.. Thank you Tenshi for the translation. I feel so proud of him. I hope one day, when it is possible for me, when ever I could afford it, I could watch his CRI Show.

    Recently I just read a big scandal of another hallyu star. It hit me in the heart. But, reading and watching that our prince is still sparkling standing there, doing such amazing performance, again and again and again, is soooooooooooooo great!

    ZIKZIN our JKS! Sending you much kisses from here… Keep shining and bright!


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