[article] Jang Keun Suk finished his longest tour in his life! We witnessed Prince was transformed into a mature man on that night!!

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Jang Keun Suk had his 3rd CRI SHOW tour named ‘THE CRI SHOW III ~MONOCHROME~’ at nationwide halls and arena venues in Japan. The final stage of all 8 cities and 16 performances was held at Nippon Budokan, Tokyo on June 3rd.

The concert started with an opening footage with subtitled his message that described well the world of his latest album ‘monochrome’. It looked like a clip of a movie. It was so beautiful and silent as an opening film of a concert that my heartbeat started to accelerate seeing the beginning. I think it’s not appropriate to call my feeling then just an excitement. I would say it was a different expectation. The opening number was ‘Hidamari (Sunshine)’. He appeared on stage riding a paper boat as if he had come out from the MV. The boat moved slowly at the upper part of the stage like a boat was floating on the river. Although the boat was going up quite high, he had room to wave to fans and give flying kisses.

“Hello, Tokyo. I’ve finally come here, the final stage at Nippon Budokan. I guess this concert tour must be the longest of all my previous ones. To be honest, I’m so nervous now. Think about it. It’s my first appearance here as a solo performance. That’s why I was super shivering with the nervousness just a few minutes ago. I created ‘THE CRI SHOW III ~MONOCHROME~’ with an image of the analog and monochrome world. I think it’s time to get rid of the image, Prince Keun-chan or blond Keun-chan.”

As he declared, there was few ‘bossy’ traces in the production this time. When he sang ‘When spring comes’, he was sitting alone in the woods, while singing. On the other hand, when he sang ‘Under one umbrella’, he was singing in the rain under the street lighting. Like these, his performance synchronized with such situations projected onto scrim succeeded to create each song’s view of the world. When he sang a rock number ‘Before dawn’, the world changed to have colors. JKS’ images of various sizes cut in the footage of a night driving along a road with neon signs. As for ‘My Precious’ that he introduced as his favorite number before he started singing, he looked like he was swimming in smokes or water bubbles, while singing. And we were fascinated by his falsetto. The production this time taken in an element of projection mapping was a great feast for our eyes. During the show, he said to the audience that he decided this set list with a good combination of fast and slow numbers, considering eels’ physical strength. Perhaps he may have prepared several collaborative works with visual production to touch the audience’s hearts even though they were sitting while his singing. This idea made me think that JKS is such a sweet and respectful guy.

In the latter half of the show, he sang ‘Take care, my bus’ ‘Let me cry’ ‘Crazy Crazy Crazy’ in a row. Cheer got louder.

“I believe the reason why I can still perform in such a big venue is you. I really appreciate your continuous support. How many years are needed to reach to CRI SHOW 10? I don’t know, but come with me anyway until CRI SHOW 10. If you cheat on me, you’ll be ‘a grilled eel’.”

He didn’t forget making fans laugh, talking interactively with them. After his funny talk, he sang a ballad ‘Serenade’ against rose projection, getting on a lift to go upward on the stage. And he sang ‘Wind’ in a broken birdcage projection. He finished the main performance dramatically.

For encore, he sang ‘Beautiful change’ and ‘Indian Summer’. That made the audience highest of that night. He stirred up eels’ enthusiasm, saying “Speak louder!” He attracted the audience’s heart in a different way from the main performance. When he performed ‘Melody we made together’, he danced playfully with dancers and sang the hook-line over and over. Dancers put confetti that fell down from the ceiling below JKS’ eyes to look like he was crying. Showing us his such a funny side, he responded willingly to the audience’s request, “Sing again!” although he was tired. When I heard his last talk to the audience, I was sure his eels are truly loved by him.

“I’m going to sing ‘Let’s go back sweet home’ from now. What occurs to your mind when you hear the word ‘home’? A house where we live? As for me, it’s our roots between me and eels. Spiritual home for those whom I trust and those who trust and support me. Even if you cheated on me or graduated from being my eel, you would be able to come back whenever you like. That’s why I can say it’s our home. Today ‘CRI SHOW III’ ends. However, I think an end means another beginning. See you soon again. And let’s go back MY home then!”

He looked deeply moved by eels’ singing in a chorus. He expressed his happy feeling in an extreme way, “I would die for happiness now!” And his warm words “Thank you for supporting me as always. I hope you’ll always be by my side.” that got to each fan’s heart proved Prince was transformed into a mature man, without doubt. I think that’s why he could perform well with projection mapping. Unsurprisingly he performed ‘Feel the beat (Japanese ver.)’ after the original final song ‘Let’s go back sweet home’ as a special service on my that day. I was convinced that ‘home’ built up by Keun-Suk and eels brings a warm and comfortable atmosphere to our heart.

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  1. Thank you so much, Tenshi, for this lovely post. I feel so happy reading about how the show looked, and especially about how JKS talked with his Eels. We just want him to be happy, and it sounds like he was having a wonderful time with his Eels whom he knows care so much about him.

  2. Thank you Tenshi for translating this long article despite your busy schedule. .Speechless..only regret I could mot attend. .I can only wait for the CS3 dvd…

  3. Oh my heart! This is so touching! This man is so forgiving that even though some eels turn their back on him or that his beloved Korea’s treating him badly he still love them. Truly Jang Keun Suk is one of a kind and I’m so proud to be one of his eels… Go Zikzin! !!

  4. If the reporter was not an eel before the show, I’m sure he/she is one after.
    Only an eel would have understood what our Suk meant and how he felt.

    Thanks Tenshi for translating this article that revealed his feelings to us.

  5. Thank you so much for the translation, Tenshi! I so wish I could have been there. Love how he describes “home”. I`ve heard something about that before, but I understand even better now what he ment by “my home” in his last tweet from Japan.

    Kobe CS3 will be broadcast later today. I`ve counted the days. Really hope that we can see it later today,or tomorrow… or later this week. 🙂

  6. Thanks Tenshi for translation of this wonderful post. I cried a lot at that final night and I treasured every moment with him as I don’t know when I can see him again!! I must stay at his HOME permanently and continue to trust, support and love him!

  7. Yes, indeed, beautiful inside out. Fantastic. But now he followed the advise of creating stories. 😉 As I had said before, he is very good at it. I am so happy that many liked and were impressed by the show…

    he rise me to the sky / high among my dreams / among memories…I am a little melancholic now…this kind of feeling…

  8. Thank You for the translation. I just watched his Kobe performance yesterday and today again. I don’t know how many times I’ve already watched it in 2 days.! LOL. I had been praying to God to let me watch it and I did ! I got to tell you, I recently discovered JKS when by accident( actually there’s no accidents in life, only sinchronization) I saw this video Without words and What Should I do sang by him. That song took me to the drama YAB, which I have ended watching about 4times already! LOL . And I just love this kid! He’s the best. He’s words during his performance sound like there’s been a transformation in his life. It’s so wise of him since not everyone at that age (and fame) realizes that life is about transformation and the impression you leave of yourself to others.Like you said, he’s has transformed into a mature man and things can only get better from there. I send him thoughts and blessings of love, happiness and health. Tenshi, thank you for the translation, I didn’t understand what Sukkie said during his performance, I don’t speak Korean nor Japanese! My love dear Sukkie from San Francisco, Ca. July 4/2015 by the way, I follow you on twitter.

  9. I don’t why I became emotional when I’ve read the last two part of the article talking about “My home”. A very touching phrase shows how much JKS loves his eels. He is a very loving person. I admire and respect him dearly. As an eel, I will continue to love and support JKS until the end. About the details of the show, the concept was unique and fantastic. Telling his story through songs, we felt and understand what his heart says. Even I haven’t witnessed his cri show, I know it turns out great and remarkable.
    Thank you Tenshi for sharing this article. ^_^


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